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Costa Ricas popularity as a holiday destination continues rising

More tourists, more work, more money

The hotels in Costa Rica are pleased. More and more tourists come to the environmental paradise and enthuse about Costa Rica. The money as an result is urgently needed because here, as everywhere, the living costs such as taxes and prices keep on increasing.


According to Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) more visitors

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) Costa Rica is looking forward to the arrival of about 2.5 million tourists this year, which is an increase of 5 % compared to 2013.

Besides the tourists are spending more and more money. The expenditure of foreign tourists in Costa Rica grew about 5.8 % in 2014 and reached a total of ¢ 1.3181 million.


The preferences change

Especially the sun province of Guanacaste has many visitors and the request for an individual Costa Rica Hotel is obvious. The people are looking for isolated natural beaches. Either you know one or you just discover it yourself in a long and extensive walk.

Also the adventure tours have changed slightly. Natural attractions, which Costa Rica has lots to offer, instead of crowded places are in great demand. Only very few people know them. On the internet or in guidebooks they are rarely mentioned. Which involves that they remain  a true insiders tip.


Rainy season in Guanacaste unjustly with fewer visitors

The season is not over yet. Easter (Semana Santos) is lying ahead. Which is a really beautiful time in Costa Rica Guanacaste, with an average hour rain during the day engenders lively nature and a lot of animals.


Google Search Hotel Costa Rica

Due to the monitoring revelations some users of Google have switched to other platforms, such as StartPage. Which neither stores your IP address nor records your search queries or tracks your cookies. Strangely enough your query also comes to different results, for example if you are looking for a Costa Rica hotel or an adventure tour .


Summary :

Costa Rica hotels are gaining popularity and slowly increase the number of visitors. But surely mass tourism still is far afield.

Travel Hotel Costa Rica Pacific side


Plastic waste in the ocean, when will we ever learn?

Particularly plastic waste in the oceans has become an international environmental problem. About 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water. At the moment you can count tens of thousands pieces of plastic waste in every square mile of the sea. German media compares the extent of refuse with the size of Central or Western Europe.

To let the facts speak for themselves.

Seabirds die in agony from plastic. For example cell phone parts and plastic bags are found in a turtle body, fish confuse tiny parts of plastic with plankton. 60 % of the waste is plastic. 70 % of the waste sink to the ocean floor, 15 % float on the water surface and 15 % are being washed up on the beaches.

The plastic waste is being transported by ships. Wether it be accidentally or on purpose. –An additional problem is the disposal of municipal waste into the rivers which flow into the ocean.

Environmental awareness and self-help

Waves bring back the waste to the land again. So happened a week ago at the Beach of Buena Vista, near Samara in Costa Rica.

Volunteers in the area congregated quickly and collected a total of 200 bags of plastic waste. The waste then was disposed by the munipalicidad of Nicoya.  Where the trash ended up then is a question nobody can answer. Nobody even asks.

Comment by Amy:

Have you ever tried the plastic wrap of your chocolate bar?

Of course, we remove the packaging before enjoying our chocolate bar. But do we really get rid of it? The plastic wrap will have a long and interesting journey before it will reveal to us in another way.

We grade garbage into different shapes and colors. For a moment it feels like as if we organized the turmoil. In fact, we create a multi-colored soup of waste which floats tranquil on the water surface of our planet. Every year we extend this carpet about 15,000 tons. It gets bigger and more colorful with time. Once in a while we recognize it, when fractions reach us at landside. Suddenly outraged we ask ourselves: How could this happen?

Dumpster is not the terminal. That is what we are reminded of in these moments. We only see a small part of the entire, the greater whole. Enough to hit us hard. We have to do something. Thus we start collecting the rubbish and bring it to the dumpster, its origin. Short term solution, mission completed.

While we feel relieved the waste, with the ace of a continent, continues floating on the sea. It will remind us at another point that the problem was not solved. It is required to have a look at what is not visible at first glance here.

Not only is it sad to see what garbage appeals to animals and the beautiful beaches. It is sad to remember how we treat ourselves. We do not want to eat rubbish and yet we allow fine plastic dust attain our nourishments. What an unpleasant thought, in particular, it is unhealthy. On its way through the sea the fine dust collects diverse toxic chemicals. A healthy fish, that´s where we find the carcinogenic substances at the end of the day. Just remember there was a chocolate bar to begin with.

We try to fix the problem as fast as we can. There might be fast way to get to the answer. While we hurry  we walk past the gist of the matter.  Ideas yet exist to alter circumstances. What about an recycled island ​made from plastic? Strange to imagine, but we gathered enough waste until now. It is a dreamful perception, though it considers the core of the problem.

To start at itself usually seems trite and ineffective. As a matter of fact it is obvious and simple to begin with. Still, if you know what you want it pays to do something for. Who wants a beach decorated from washed up plastic waste? Who wants to see animals suffer from packaging? Who wants to eat garbage? As no one is conscious troubles moves on.

Each cycle will be completed  and there is always a connection to the outset. The inception will be the question : What do I really want to change?

later we went back to the Hotel Costa Rica in Samara



more information Costa Rica Nicoya news                                                                         Image

Costa Rica travel guide and facts


Costa Rica Hotel Pura Vida

My stay at Hotel Costa Rica Samara on the Pacific sand beach starts interesting and relax.

The day begins with bright sun and a cloudless sky.
On the covered porch of the restaurant area you can have cereal with fresh exotic fruits, besides fresh coffee.
While this day is about to begin it is accompanied by music of nature. Various Birds sing in alternation. From time to time you hear the sound of a monkey. During the breakfast nature is just in front of you. Looking above the edge of your cereal bowl you see what Costa Rica has to

offer. What a pleasant way to start the day.Image
After waking up gently explore the area. Even the car drive to the next village is an adventure. Hills, rocks and crossing rivers. Currently the access roads are being straightened by construction workers. People are greeting each other friendly: ” Pura vida ” is the slogan: Pure Life / Going well.
Not just paying attention to the road, pura vida is everywhere you put your eye on: The great diversity of plants and animals. Colorful blossoms and butterflies along the way.

End Part 1

More information about the Hotel Costa Rica in a presentation in slideshare.

And the Website about the Hotel Costa Rica Samara 

Nicaragua is fighting against dengue

Managua. AFP. nov.2013

A 17- year-old died in Nicaragua because of the dengue epidemic. There are already 20 dead, and most cases are children and adolescents. There are already 6,863 infected, of which 37 are heavy , including a pregnant woman , the spokeswoman said the government Rosario Murillo.

The victim, Daisy Escoto Urbina, died in a public hospital in the capital , after 8 days with high fever , heart and lung complications , Murillo said.

“Unfortunately we lost against dengue fever” and pneumonia due to the disease, said the wife of President Daniel Ortega, who is at the forefront of the campaign against the epidemic.

 The dengue virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti

“We will continue this fight (dengue) with all our strength,” Murillo said, since most Nicaraguans common disease transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes multiply in races and in standing water.

Nicaragua recognizes so far this year , 6,863 confirmed cases of dengue, of which 18 died and 1,650 are hospitalized , 37 of them in serious condition , according to a second report in the afternoon.

Among the five critically ill patient is a pregnant woman in the city Juigalpa (to the east ) and two in the city of Rivas ( in the south) , Murillo said, and further that this week more than 1,000 new cases and three deaths have been recorded in Nicaragua .

Activities of the Ministry of Health

Officials of the Ministry of Health say that in November, when the rainy season ends, we almost always have ” the highest curve ” on dengue incidence . Health Brigades spray against mosquito throughout the country.              

 So far, 865,000 houses were sprayed, and were cast 1.4 million containers and 2.3 million lethal mosquito breeding sites were removed, the report said.


Costa Rica had a few months ago, many dengue cases.  As of 9 November, Health recorded 46,779 patients, the largest amount since 2005.

 But now the situation has greatly improved.

In Guanacaste the summer has come and the dengue cases go down. It’s time to make a vacation in the tropics paradise.

Recommended Information pages:

Health authority reports : less dengue cases.

Dengue virus in children
More than 5,300 children (which represents 20 % of the total number of patients)
infected so far in 2013 in Costa Rica with the dengue virus – most are 10-14 years old. Even at the present time which is more than in the entire previous year.

Up to now, 41,510 people this year with the virus of the mosquito ” Aedes aegypti ” infected, this is the worst dengue epidemic , since it is the are dengue fever in Costa Rica. (On 21 September),
Children are more susceptible to complications of the disease . The ones most are concerned , are 10 to 14 years young (1,781 patients). Then come the little ones 0-4 years , followed by children 5-9 years, said Jose Luis Garces , Health Surveillance , Ministry of Health.

Other infections are expected
Health officials expect the upcoming rainfall in the current rainy season an even further increase .

The average number of Dengue fever patients this year is 10 to 15 children per day and leads to two or three weeks in the hospital .
Children are particularly vulnerable by Maria Luisa Avila , director of infectious station of ” Hospital Nacional de Niños ” there are three worrisome features in children and dengue : “Many mothers who have the virus during pregnancy can Antibodies can pass on to their children after birth and severe Dengue develop . ” The second concern is that dengue is innate, because the mother has been infected with the virus during pregnancy.
The third , though smaller , is that the child via breast milk infects .

Alarmingly high number of unreported
The real number of dengue patients in children is lower than in Adults. For every ill , registered child between four and five infected are added – for the adults, there are ten per hundred.



But 90 % of the normal running case are harmless and most patients are fit again after a few days .

The authorities also report fewer dengue cases.
In the first week of October, 1,068 new patients were reported. In the second Week of August , there were 2,354 new patients.

So, no reason not to travel to this beautiful country .


More information and Tip Hotel Costa Rica

Dengue disease problems in Central America

Fevers, headaches, rashes: This spreads in Central America „Bone breaker fever “far –Latin America faces the most serious Dengue epidemic of his history. The case numbers have worldwide himself increased thirty times from 1960 to 2010. It is guessed urgently to protect itself from the gnats which transfer the virus.

Costa Rica, for example:

Dengue fever – the name alone sounds like a long journey. The fever is transmitted by the bite of the tiger mosquito that is infected with one of four types of dengue viruses. Over 30 000  registered patients are already suffering this year at the infectious disease every week about 2,000 new infections happen. And for all registered patients ten unregistered can be added. The health department calculated ten unregistrierte patients per 100 patients. The numbers of patients are now twice as high as at the same time in 2005, then 14,879 cases were reported. Only in 2007 surpasses the previous values, but the development indicates the most severe outbreak of dengue fever. In San Jose over 1000 cases were registered, Guanacaste is also greatly affected.

The dengue mosquito loves warm areas

Climate change may be responsible for the epidemic spread, for wherever it is warmer, the dengue mosquito “Aedes aegypti” can transmit the virus for a longer period, it needs clean stagnant water to reproduce. Especially in the rainy season, the most cases were registered – Costa Rica offers these optimal conditions abound. In addition, the mosquito comes more and more into the cities, like it’s happening in San Jose. The mosquitoes are active during the day, especially at dawn and dusk.

Ministry of Health develops emergency plans

Jorge Huarache, Health Officer of the International Federation of the Red Cross, says that they’re trying to prevent a major health emergency. The Ministry of Health will start to develop an emergency plan to stop the spread of the virus.



Incubation period of 2-7 days, after flu-like symptoms with sudden onset, such as

• Headaches

• Sickness

• Fever

• Chills

• Pain

• Joint pain

• Body aches

• Slow pulse

• Lymphadenopathy

After 4 to 5 days of illness rashes can occur.

After the symptoms subside, the disease comes back after a few days and is

present for further 1-15 days.

Costa Rica reports numbers dropping down now

and one shouldn’t become now afraid to travel to Costa Rica. Only in approximately 2–The illness takes 4% of the cases a heavy course. But mosquito protection is recommended.


Nice interesting country to travel
Travel Website recommendation: Travel hotellodge Costa Rica Guanacaste Samara

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Puzzling dolphin deaths on the East Coast of the USA

From the Costa Rica Hotellodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo we have already undertaken several times an excursion by a boat and have observed these interesting animals on the sea in free nature. Now became reported on the US-Atlantic coast since beginning of June over and over again hundreds of dead dolphins are washed ashore.


Animal welfarist and US-environmental authority in worry

Hundreds of dolphins die with a mysterious frequency currently on the shores of New Jersey to Virginia. In August, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registered more than 80 dead animals since the beginning of July, so there are about 120 stranded dolphins.

Infection of animals is the most likely option

Since the dolphins are stranded emaciated and with lung injury, researchers suspect an infection of the stranded animals. But there is no evidence that a possible disease of the animals could be dangerous for humans. But they should keep any distance from the moribund and dead animals.

Even now, three times more dead dolphins as usual in one year

Normally about 100 dolphins are stranded an the east coast are counted per year, but already in August, the number is about 300 dead animals. “All age groups are affected and sometimes even washed up dead animals, but mostly dead, some of them already badly decomposed,” said the for the protection of the oceans esponsibile NOAA.

Who wants to make a Delfintur with Costa Rica Hotellodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo gets the information in the link. more Costa Rica blog Informationen and news (german), cool leben am Meer.

Delphinus delphis


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