Internship at the Sea

Just go away, leave everything behind. Gain new impressions. Expand your horizon. Change your point of view. Make new acquaintances. It should be an internship at the sea in Costa Rica.

There simply has to be more out there. And here are just a few of the reasons why I had to make my way to the Hotel Costa Rica for an internship at the seaside.

“I think I’m going to Costa Rica for three months. At Christmas just put your feet in the sea. No gift and shopping bustle.” Said. Done. Decision made. Apply to Rainer at the Hotel Costa Rica as an intern. Flight booked. Backpack packed. And I was gone.

The flight from Munich to San Jose via Houston will take 11.5 hours. There would be then still 2 hours stay in Houston and then again 3.5 hours to San Jose. That doesn’t sound soooo bad, does it? My check in was problem-free. The rucksack was allowed to the bulky luggage. Enjoy another small Munich breakfast and then it was time for boarding and off we went. At least to Houston.

The flight was super pleasant and without any turbulences. Since the seat next to me was still free, I had really a lot of space. Unfortunately I could not sleep a minute.

Transit in Houston
The transit in Houston, however, was not characterized by simplicity. If there hadn’t been 2 Germans on their way to Mexico, I probably wouldn’t have reached my connecting flight on time, because I would have lost my way several times. But finally I landed at the right gate, quickly bought a bottle of water and already I was standing in the middle of the boarding for the onward flight to San Jose, wonderful.
Also this short flight, even if in comparison, went without big highlights. Except for the small unpleasant fact that there was no sleep to think about. Well then in San Jose.

Well, there I was, in San Jose. With a smile on my lips I left the plane and was already looking forward to my internship at the sea. Somehow it was just surreal. So many years I had dreamed of it, now it had become reality. “Who knows, maybe someone will pinch me,” I thought to myself. But nothing with pinching, off to the baggage claim.

And there I stood now. Backpack back and front. Camera. Handbag. A very typical tourist just.

In front of the airport I grabbed the next taxi (only ORANGE is ORIGINAL) and was taken to the Hotel Novo in San Jose. For the fact that it was already 9 pm, there was still a lot of traffic. A crazy noise and a mad hecticness accompanies it. I didn’t feel like going from one hustle to the next. Hopefully it won’t stay that way.

Arrived at the hotel near the bus station I was welcomed friendly. After the formalities were finished, I allowed myself an Imperial beer and off I went to my room. Reduced. Clean. All right. But super loud. San Jose is an extremely dirty, loud and stuffy big city. All night long it was loud and stressful. Trucks drove all the time, and they didn’t shy away from honking their horns again and again. In this case, too, sleep was out of the question.

At 6.30 am I staggered quite wobbly for breakfast. Pancakes. Cafe. “Wonderful” I thought to myself. “Fits now exactly”. What struck me immediately, however, was that the people are genuinely warm and accessible. You are immediately treated like a friend. You get all the information you need without any problems and even with your heart. Really great cinema.

After my breakfast I first had to get a travel adapter, which I had of course forgotten. So I went to San Jose City. Unfortunately, this short excursion did not dissuade me from my opinion about San Jose. Stressful. Sticky. Simply too much. Although I am simply not a big city type and will not become it in this life any more.

San Jose City
I could get the adapter right around the corner. And also here I was received and treated super friendly again.
Then I went back to my room, packed my stuff and prepared myself for a 4.5 hour bus ride from San Jose to the Hotel Costa Rica in Samara, where Rainer would wait for me.

The way from the hotel to the bus terminal had to be explained to me several times. And also on the way I had to ask again and again for the way. The hustle and bustle on the streets took its toll. But when I arrived there, I was very positively surprised. I found a super modern bus terminal (just rebuilt). The ticket was super easy to buy for $ 7.00. 3 muesli bars and M&M’s could not be missing, after all it was 4.5 hours drive and sugar after the sleep deficit could never hurt. The departure was at 12 am.

Unfortunately I couldn’t really sleep during the bus ride. I was just too curious and a bit excited. It was sooo beautiful here. How would it be my Costa Rica internship at the sea? With a small break the trip lasted at the end not 4.5 but 6 hours. Phew. Slowly the sleep deprivation was somewhat hard.

Rainer waited as agreed very patiently in Samara. He greeted me super friendly, took my backpack and off we went. Off to the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo for the next 3 months. Unfortunately it was already dark and I could marvel at the 15 minutes drive through the jungle only conditionally. Incredibly beautiful. However, the roads were very marked by the rainy season. In any case you should plan more time.

After I had arrived there, I was greeted super friendly and got immediately my room. When I had parked my luggage, Rainer was even so kind and made me a snack to eat.

Ufff. Finally some sleep. It was time.

exotic animals and their beautiful lonely beaches
10 minutes north from Samara

Nice lodge costa rica on the pacific ocean.

„Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.“ – Ibn Battuta



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