ICE Nicoya Telefon, nothing works.

ICE Nicoya Telefon, the telephone company in Costa Rica, says they repair it within 24 hours. OK, today we have more than 24 days and all phones in the hotel and the neighbors do not work.

Several telephone cables in the street

Posts are broken, phone, internet and the bank machines for the credit cards are dead. For weeks I asked the Soporte in writing if a technician could come to repair them. There was no answer.

It concerns business connections, hotels and other businesses. And I don’t know how much damage was caused by lost reservations.

You can read everything below in the report.

Repaired within 24 hours

If I call the ICE Nicoya Soporte and ask for the number 26568316 says one voice: This connection has a report from the day September 7 and will be repaired within 24 hours. And 3 days later she says the same again. But today we have October 1st ?

Si llamo al ICE Nicoya Soporte y pido el número 26568316 dice una sola voz: Esta conexión tiene un informe desde el día 7 de septiembre y será reparada en 24 horas. Y tres días después ella dice lo mismo otra vez. Pero hoy tenemos el 5 de octubre. Y nada!

The items have now been replaced, but telephone Internet and ATM NADA.

Why doesn’t the Ice Nicoya say that it will be repaired within 24 days? Then it is closer to reality. She only has to explain to the Ministry of Hacienda why the customer cannot pay by credit card.

No answer came from either. Is anyone there at all? They eliminated the Contraloria Ice phone in 2016. But in a video the Controlaria is still offered

You have to pay, but there’s no benefit for it. ICE’s telephone service promises to repair commercial lines within 24 hours. You can only dream of…

Yesterday, on October 5, a technician came to the ICE Nicoya and said the phone 2656 83 16 he can not repair the 2656 83. There’s no sound and that’s being repaired by another department. So further the phone and the machine of the bank wait sometime works again.


not working telefon Credit-card, internet costa Rica
Reparación telefono Costa Rica

Protokoll soporte 1119

9. Septembre

Buenas no funcionando el teléfono 26568316 con la macina de banco mas de una semana y los clientes no pueden pagar con Tarjeta. Varios cables telefónicos en la calle. Varios informes, nadie viene a reparar.Por favor ayuda


11. Septembre

Un técnico vino y dijo que la caja estaba quemada. Pregunté cuándo se reparará. Dijo no sabe. Tampoco no funcionando el teléfono 26568056.
Los Cable en la carretera todavía no cambiaron.

16. Septembre

Todavia Passa Nada.No functions Tel: 2656 80 55, Tel: 2656 80 56, 26568316, 2656 80 48.Atentamente,Gracias
todavia es así.

1. Oktober, Nada

Hoy 4. Octobre Nada

Hoy, 7.10.2019 Teléfono, Internet y Macina de Banco no funciona

ICE’s telephone service promises

Artikel in german spanisch

Costa Rica Guanacaste



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