Manipulation of the pharmaceutical industry or serious problem?

46% of all Americans are now suffering from hypertension. A frightening fact, which apparently evolved within a night! But how could this happen?

The value for determining an excessively high blood pressure was once again graded. By now, all people whose blood pressure is over 130/80 mmHg are sick – this new finding was determined last Monday by the ‘American Heart Association’ and the ‘American College of Cardiology’. But why the whole thing? That high blood pressure causes serious consequences such as heart attacks or strokes should be known to everyone, as well as the fact that, especially in western countries, many people die of cardiovascular disease.

Thanks for pointing out that we should not ignore our high blood pressure value and for letting us know that we should take it seriously… However, the following questions arises: How can 35 million Americans suddenly become patients, while the value of jolly German is described as “highly normal”? Are these people really seriously ill? Or is it again the pharmaceutical industry who has a finger in the pie?

Threshold value down – sales up

The same applies to Germany and other European countries. There, the target values should also be lowered in the coming year, but to what extent exactly is not yet clear. The trend is probably that in the next few years, several people will always run to the doctor to be diagnosed they have a dangerously high blood pressure and, in turn, to be prescribed medications. Healthy people get sick – Profits of the pharmaceutical industry are increased… A growing market who knows no bounds – only values.

Many respected physicians believe that a blood pressure of 140/90 at older people is a rather better value, as a compulsively low value of 120/80, because the blood circulation in the brain by the slightly higher pressure works better. In addition, the medications prescribed by the doctor also bring a lot of side effects and thus cause new damage.

Same situation with diabetes

And also regarding to diabetes it seems to have prevailed a diseases concept, which is based on strictly calculated values: The line between sick and healthy is getting out of place…The diabetes type 2 value was – in the interest of the drug companies – from 140 mg/dl to 126 mg/dl lowered. Of course, that has given the industry millions of new patients. And as if there were not enough patients yet, prediabetes was introduced, a precursor of diabetes, which is affected from a value of 110 mg/dl: But where do these values come from? James Gavin, chairman of the US Diabetes company determines the values in the commission. The joke of the whole thing: Gavin is also extremely active as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry.

lower Diabetes values

peolpe suffer from diabetes more often because of dropped values


Best therapy: living healthier

Threshold value or not – but one thing is clear: a serious illness – is it diabetes or cardiovascular problems – depends on many different factors. And of course, values have to be taken seriously in some way. However, one should not swallow any pills indiscriminately, but first examine more closely whether one is really sick or not. Because overnight and without recognizable suffering, you do not actually become a patient so quickly.

And even if it is worse about somebody, there are a lot of alternatives in addition to the conventional drugs, which should be considered. Especially here in Costa Rica, you can achieve a lot with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Medical plants in Costa Rica (such as cayenne, ginger or turmeric) already prevent a lot of illnesses but also amino acids like L-arginine can lower your blood pressure in a natural way. With a healthy diet in combination to sufficient exercise (also keep fit on holiday) and enough vitamin D from the sun, you can already do a lot for your body.

Vitamin D with sun

beach and sun for a healthy life in Costa Rica!


Therefore, we advise you: pack your suitcase and come to the Costa Rica hotel on the Pacific coast. You will definitely see, after a restful and healthy stay with us, you may be able to throw your medication in the garbage after 2 weeks.