Buying a truck in Costa Rica – a real adventure Part 2

Remember? I want to buy my first car – here in Costa Rica. What a daring venture …

Meanwhile the search for my new trucks extends over months – at least it feels like it. Actually, it is only a few hours. Nevertheless, my mood approaches slowly, very slowly to the zero point!

But sometimes, just sometimes, Fortuna means it really well. Suddenly the smart Francesco finds himself on my radar. He knows some people … okay … do I trust? Back home with no car … no, not an option. So just go with the flow Elena. And indeed – that same evening I was able to look at a small black Jimmy. Gaps perfect, underbody perfect, kilometers perfect, price … oh god! But my little heart was instantly in love. So handshake on it!

My new love

On the next day we all would go straight to the family lawyer. I should pay half in cash, the other half by bank transfer. So far so good!

The next morning I strolled to the bank around the corner. By the way, the visit itself is a phenomenon. We waited our turn like chickens on the pole and advanced a seat every few seconds. Great workout for the butt muscles. With every seat my hands became more moist! Finally: “I would like a great amount of money, por favor.” Well, far from it. Just a few notes were passed across the table. Never mind, after all there are other banks. Until now, everything was still just fine! So I stuffed the bundle of notes in my waistband and my folding knife in my bag. No one should try to rip me off my little Suzuki.

Please, give me my money!

Hahahah … however, instead of a nasty rascal it was the banking system in Costa Rica that led me to despair. The whole morning I wandered around several ATM machines to collect the missing money. But either my credit card was not even accepted, or the machine just didn’t spit out the cash. Depressed, and with the 5.5 h bus tour back to Samara in the back of my mind, I finally arrived at the lawyer in Heredia

And again the universe offered me a helping hand. My small deposit and honest smile were enough for Isaac and Alejandra. I could have smooched them. Suddenly it all went really fast. While I hit the keys on my computer for the bank transaction, the extremely attractive Mr. Lawyer read the purchase contract. Signed. Bam.

Happy End!

And out I was … with the key in my hand and my new car under the butt. Minus a lot of money and 10 liters of sweat. Yes, buying a car in Costa Rica – a real experience.

Happy End!

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