Venezuela – who will win the fight?


Venezuelagegen Hilfe von aussen

Since the beginning of the second term of his presidency at the beginning of January there have been protests in Venezuela against Maduro. The people show their displeasure and now a new face is supposed to appear: Juan Guaido. Is he the knight in shining armour?

International support for Guaido

The Venezuelan people are not alone in this. The USA and Europe also support the 35-year-old. Some EU states have already asked Maduro to organise new elections and to abdicate as president. In addition, foreign journalists are to be released immediately. For weeks there have been some arrests; also men from France, Spain and Germany were among them.

Even though the vote is not legally binding, the EU Parliament recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president. The USA also supports him. After a personal meeting with President Donald Trump, the president of the United States showed his support and congratulated Guaido on his “historic assumption of the presidency” via Twitter.

Venezuela power struggle
Guaido fights for his country and people

Hope for Venezuela

Juan Guaido is now the bearer of hope in Venezuela. About a week ago he declared himself interim president and now has a huge following behind him. For him, however, a conversation with the current president is out of the question: “Maduro is a dictator,” he says. For the opposition there is now definitely hope, but how the fight for power will end is still unclear…

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