Putin wants to “steer” rap

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to ban anything, so the head of the russian government just wants to “steer” the rap a little. Everything, of course, just to protect the russian people…

There are some problems the Russian government has with the rap music of the country. The lyrics would glorify drugs and sex, advocate crime and armed violence. And since, according to Putin, bans would only have the opposite effect, the Kremlin is supposed to “control” this genre a little. However, he does not reveal how exactly this should look like.

Putin about rap-steering
Putin explains his plan to “steer” the rap in Russia

Some appearances of musicians were therefore also cancelled, among the affected the russian rapper Husky. But he didn’t want to let that sit on his head and spontaneously arranged a small concert on a car roof. Everything for his fans. The young man even went to prison for that. But not for long: the planned prison stay of 12 days was shortened due to protests and the rapper was released early.

Nevertheless for rap fans and many young Russians in general think this is an important topic. After all, this is a encroachment on their freedom and an extreme attempt by the government to control them….



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