New hobby for hunters

It seems like a new hobby has been born. Instead of shooting peaceful inhabitants of the forest, hunters now point their weapons at colleagues and wives. Mainly in Slovakia the number of hunting accidents has risen sharply in recent years. The reason for this is the “nouveau riche”, who have neither the patience nor the know-how to hunt properly, according to amateur hunters. But does hunting make sense at all?

This time the hunter, next time someone innocent
Hunter has to be treated with infusion after hunting accident

350.000 licensed hunters in Germany would say yes. Their argument: they help to regulate the animal inhabitants of the forest. If humans would not interfere in their habitat, the animals could do this very well on their own. For thousands of years, natural selection has ensured that the populations of animals regulate themselves naturally. Through predators, age and diseases. Humans use this argument only to justify their primitive hobby and the state supports this lie. Because the incomes by weapons and ammunition are not to be rejected from the hand.

Only now has a hunter shot a so-called driver in the back. The woman died. She was supposed to scare up pheasants with her dog. Who the shooter was, is still determined. In Lower Franconia since May against a hunter was investigated. During the hunt he is supposed to have shot his partner, he mistook her for an animal. Now the man collapsed during a hunting trip with friends and died.

In Costa Rica, you don’t have to be afraid of being shot accidentally as a walker in the woods. Because already in 2012 the hunting sport was forbidden here with a unanimous decision of the national congress.

Every year innocent people and animals die as a result of hunting accidents. Animals shot and run on motorways and cause accidents, or attack hunters. A hunter often confuses a person or dog with an animal. Shots are deflected by stones or other obstacles and injure other people. But this does not seem to discourage the hobby murderer, the desire to kill is too large. The sense behind it – there is none


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