Muni repairs beach access roads in the Sámara area


Good News

It is long time ago you heard something good from the municipality in Nicoya. The mayor has been suspended over a year ago. He has been arrested by the police und since is waiting for his trial. There are several investigations against a few people from the muni. So it is nice, to finally hear positive news from the muni.

Beach entrances to the beaches

The beach access to the beaches Buena Vista, Barrigona and Barco Quebrado were repaired excellent, so that they are passable again. Visitors had trouble to pass a huge mud hole to the entrance to the beach Barrigona. At this spot had to be put a lot of material, so that the road is passable again.

At the water discharges of the roads have been installed new pipes and they have been cemented correctly. Additionally the side of the roads have been cleaned. Also the street has been flattened and filled with gravel.

Garbage before removal in Sámara, Costa Rica
Not just the roads are problematic, also the garbage removal does not work as it should in the Sámara region

Garbage has been removed

At the turtle project at the beach Buena Vista the garbage has been removed. Also from the beach Buena Vista, so that the hygienic conditions are restored. There is a huge garbage problem in this area, due to the lack of an official waste collection. Furthermore the garbage of the visitors and inhabitants of the village Esterones can only be regulated by a private waste collection. Which of course is very expensive and no long-term solution. There has to be found another approach.

Committee has been found

Most of all the visitors must understand, that you should not throw garbage into nature. The inhabitants of the village Esterones de Sámara support the muni by cleaning and collecting plastic and garbage. Also a committee has been found, which should organize those social duties and other problems. The awareness for climate protection must be strengthened.

Just an idea

So, for your Costa Rica vacation you should know, that there are much better roads in the northern part of Sámara. The road conditions are a main criticism point of the tourists. But one idea is to think about how much nature is destroyed by asphalt roads. 

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