Climate change, I don’t give a shit

Whether in the USA, Germany or the natural paradise of Costa Rica, the climate is changing everywhere. Previously dismissed as a pipe dream, the study situation today is clear. We react ignorantly and passively, quite differently to the 15-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg.

Fuck the future

If the children are thousands of steps ahead of us, then we know that we have failed. Everyone knows that climate change is real and not only difficult for us humans. But nobody really wants to do anything about the mega-catastrophe that is approaching us. Politicians discuss and set goals, but is anything really happening on the subject of climate change? Greta Thunberg skipped school for three weeks and went on strike in front of the Swedish parliament in Stockholm. Her message to the politicians: Take climate change serious!

Rather education or a planet?

In elementary school she was told why you should turn off the light when you don’t need it. She didn’t understand how this is related to climate change, and she got smart. Since then, the young Swedish woman has been a vegetarian and has not been on a plane since. She cannot believe that politicians are not actively discussing and actually acting on what is probably the most important issue of our generation. For what good is education and prosperity if the planet is destroyed? And the way we live right now, it happens much faster than we used to think. Climate change itself has always existed. Sometimes it’s warmer, sometimes it’s colder. But the change has never been faster than in the last 200 years. And that has devastating consequences that obviously don’t interest anyone that much.

Worldwide impacts

The last summer in Germany was very drought and in some party even occurred a dry season. The weather conditions in Costa Rica, Guanacaste have also changed a lot. Distinguish between rain- and dry season is getting increasingly difficult. Since there are frequent dry periods in the rainy season and much more rain falls during the dry season. Between us, even so we highly recommend a breakfast with hummingbirds in the centralamerican eco country with its beautiful nature.

Industrialization, curse and blessing

200 years ago. It all started. Instead of using muscle, wind and water power, people used machines. They had to be run on something. Mostly oil, gas, or coal is burned. This produces the carbon dioxide CO2. Not only are we producing more and thus emitting CO2, we are also destroying one of the most natural CO2 killers. Forests! Normally forests save CO2. But we cut them down, for the material and ground. Which is turned into farmland, or pastures. And how harmful meat consumption to the environment is, does not really have to be mentioned again.

Greta 2.png

Clear vision at a young age

Greta long recognized the seriousness of the situation and wonders how ignorant we adults can be. „What you do or do not do will determine my whole life and that of my children and grandchildren.“ Although the young Swedish girl should be in school and many teachers point to compulsory schooling, she sees more clearly “what do I learn in school? Facts don’t mean anything anymore, politicians don’t listen to scientists, so why should I learn?“ One teacher, however, has joined her and not only does he forego a 3-week loss of salary, he also risks losing his job. Greta’s parents are not allowed to officially support her, but they find her attitude very good and tolerate her action. After all, she has schoolbooks with her and is still learning at home in the evenings.

Even the fish emigrate

What is certainly not written in these schoolbooks, however, is that the oceans have absorbed about 80% of the heat we produce to date. However, this has warmed them up to 3,000 m deep. Warm water is known to expand, which is why the sea level rises. In addition, the absorbed carbon dioxide partly combines with the water to form carbonic acid, which lowers the pH value and acidifies the oceans. Especially corals, marine snails, zooplankton and shellfish suffer from that. Their protective armour is attacked by the acid. The fish also draw their consequences from the climate change. In some places in the ocean it is too warm for them, so they migrate further north into cooler waters.

In exterminate we are masters

So we have already successfully destroyed many animal and plant species, and the leatherback turtle is still fighting against the consequences we have caused. There are now only about 5,000 of them left in the world. And the number continues to decrease, partly because the turtles die as by-catch in fishing nets, confuse plastic bags with jellyfish and therefore starve to death, or the reproduction is disturbed by the warming. The warmth of the sand in which the females lay their eggs determines whether they become males or females. At a higher temperature, predominantly female turtles are born. This destroys the natural balance of the population. In addition, sea warming changes the currents that turtles use during their long migrations.

Projects, like the turtle project at beach Buena Vista in Sámara, Costa Rica, are a tiny glimmer of hope. Here the offspring of the turtles, also the one of the leather turtle hatch under protected circumstances and find there way safely to the sea.

Causing trouble is definitely appropriate

But why doesn’t such information make us lose our minds? Are we just not aware of the extent of our actions, or do we just give a shit about what is happening around us? Exactly for this lack of knowledge, or ignorance, we need people like Greta, who ask to think and really do something. Her teacher says, “Greta is a troublemaker, she doesn’t listen to adults. But we are rapidly moving towards a disaster, and in this situation the only appropriate thing to do is act inappropriately.“ If we do not do this, the calculations of researchers could prove true and the sea level rises in 100 years by 1 1/2 meters. For the Swedes, by the way, last summer was the hottest since the first climate record 262 years ago.

2015 – The year of extremes – How will 2018 turn out?

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