Costa Rica is running out of gas

If you want to refuel these days, you may experience a nasty surprise in some parts of Costa Rica. Because this morning some service station operator announced an official fuel shortage. Therefore some gas stations are out of gasoline.

Both, at the Pacific coast in the province Guanacaste, and at the Atlantic coast in the province Limón some drivers sit on the dry land. It even has got the province San José and thats why long queues are formed in front of many gas stations, because everybody hopes to fill the tank once again.

But why is that? Due to the union strike. Many forwarders are taking part in the strike to draw attention to their poor working conditions. They often have to work far too long and without any guarantees. Normally the loading and transport process takes about 6 hours. However, the forwarders are taking a lot of time, which is why the 6 hours become 24 hours.

It is unclear if the situation will calm down in the near future. But one thing is certain, filling up gasoline and diesel into canisters is forbidden. That way it should be prevented that the fuel ist secretly sold for a much higher price.

Costa Rica is environmentally conscious and aims for its big goal of being carbon neutral by 2021. But it also has to deal with the huge amount of cars.

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