The Ara Project in Costa Rica

macawas Punta Islita
red big birds

Anyone who decides to travel to Costa Rica is also hoping to see some animals there. The Hotel Costa Rica offers the best conditions in this regard. The hotel garden is home to a large number of coatis, raccoons, squirrels, iguanas and howler monkeys, who bounce through the hotel garden every day. Bird lovers will also enjoy different species of birds.

Colorful macaws

For those who still have not enough, we have a hot secret tip: The Ara Project at Punta Islita. The small coastal town is located further south on the Nicoya Peninsula, about 30km from our hotel away and is easily reachable by car. The conservation project offers tours where you can observe both – the colorful adult macaws and their offspring. In addition, you learn a lot about the animals themselves and about the work that is behind the whole project. The entrance fees are affordable and the money benefits a great purpose.

What is the project about?

At The Ara Project, parrots from all over Costa Rica are bred and later released into the wild. The animals come from donations, former pets or confiscated birds. Some of them are also in bad condition and need to be rehabilitated. The project offers people from all over the world the opportunity to participate in the care of the macaws in the form of volunteer work. Since the whole team is very concerned about the welfare of the animals, the parrots are offered the best conditions so that as many offspring as possible can be conceived. The right food for good nutrition and regular flights for sufficient freedom of movement play a particularly important role.

A lot of care

All newly introduced parrots are first of all quarantined for 30 days, where they will receive a health check. Afterwards they are taken to their release site, where they will initially be kept for at least 2 months to get used to the new environment. The goal is to teach them how to feed themselves and how to identify food. In addition to the natural food, as long as necessary, additional food is provided.

How the project was founded

Originally, the conservation project for parrots was founded by Margot and Richard Frisius in Alajuela, with the intention to do something against the dramatic species decline of the macaws. Over the years, the project moved from Alajuela to Punta Islita on the Pacific coast. Another releasing site is located in Manzanillo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. After the death of the founders, the project was continued by family Beruite, former friends of Frisius and thus people who were already related to the birds. Today there are two main species of macaws in Costa Rica: The Scarlet Macaw, which can be found on the Pacific coast of the country, and the Great Green Macaw, which is represented on the Caribbean coast. The project regularly breeds descendants of these two species, so we can continue to enjoy watching these beautiful animals in the wild. Therefore, we advise anyone traveling in the area to visit the Ara Project. It will be worth it!

We only recommend to you: Please don’t send a package to Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica it is the macaws, in the Arctic the polar bears are threatened.


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