Appearances are deceptive – Costa Rica is also struggling with problems

Traffic in San Jose

Anyone who follows social media should have noticed in recent weeks that Costa Rica generated 98% of its electricity from renewable energy last year. They were able to be without fossil fuels for 271 days. A really great result on which the Ticos can also be proud. They have come one giant step closer to their big goal of being carbon neutral by 2021.

number of cars above average

But all the positive headlines should not cover up other issues, because Costa Rica has also its darker side, as any other country in terms of environmental protection: The demand for gasoline and cars continues to increase! The country and its 4.9 million inhabitants use a mix of hydro, wind and geothermal energy but due to the gas-related transport sector, renewable energy accounts for less than a quarter of the country’s total energy consumption. Because the country counts 287 cars per 1000 inhabitants, which surpasses both the Latin American average and the world average. And only 2% of these vehicles are electric cars which are powered by renewable energies.

horror at San José

The situation in San José, the capital in which at least half of all inhabitants live, is particularly drastic. Many of them are fed up with the outdated bus system, which is why they switched to using their own cars. At the same time, the rising consumption of petrol also increases the environmental pollution due to CO2 emissions – especially in San José.

That Costa Rica can’t really shine with the capital is probably clear to each of us. That’s why our tipp is: In San José take the first bus towards Guanacaste, Samara. In the sunny province of Costa Rica, you can escape the noise and grime of the city and enjoy your holiday in the Rainforest of Latin America. All you need is a hotel Costa Rica and you will forget all your worries!

But anyway – Costa Rica is always a showpiece.


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