Costa Rica – always a showpiece

Costa Rica is getting closer to its big goal of becoming completely carbon neutral by 2021. The current headlines write: The Central American country has set a new record and has been generating electricity from renewable energies for 300 days…

Once again, we should take an example of Costa Rica, which is now developing into a true pioneer in terms of progress. In addition to nature conservation and ecotourism is much more on the program: the total abandonment of fossil fuels! And that was possible for 300 days this year – in 2015, it was 299 days – and thus a new record was achieved.

Where does the electricity come from?

The big question to ask is: Where does all the renewable energy come from? This question can easily be answered: 78.26% of the electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants, 10.29% from the energy of the wind, 10.23% from geothermal and 0.84% from biomass and solar energy. Carlos Manuel Obregón, Managing Director of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) announced this gratifying result on 17.11.2017

wind power station Limón
environmentally friendly energy

On the home straight 

The year 2021 – and thus also the project completely to resort to renewable energies – are approaching ever closer. To achieve this goal, the Ticos have done their best to build the largest and most powerful hydroelectric power plant in Central America. The reservoir is located in the province of Limón in the east of the country. With a dam that is half a kilometer long, 130 meters high, and 700 hectares in size, it is the most advanced and largest infrastructure project in Central America, in addition to the expansion of the Panama Canal. Watson writes: “When the turbines of the Reventazón hydropower plant start up, the light goes on in half of Costa Rica. With a capacity of 305.5 megawatts, the dam can supply half a million households with electricity.”

Small but powerful

As you can see, it is often the small states that become true energy role models, not the big nations. These shut definitely cut off a slice off Costa Rica and also help protect the environment, reduce climate change and to avoid natural disasters.

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