Book recommendation about health from Costa Rica

Now, ten years later, an updated edition of a successful bestseller has been published: “foods that fight cancer: essential foods help to prevent cancer”, a book written by Prof. Dr. med Richard Béliveau, a molecular physican from the University of Quebec, Canada and Dr. med. Denis Gingras, cancer researcher at Hôpital Sainte-Justine, Montreal for more than 15 years, now holds the chair of cancer prevention and treatment.

What is it about?

book recommendation Costa Rica
foods to fight cancer

The most important part of the book is an understandable and competent explanation of how cancer is developing. In other words, it is describing how a cancer cell is ticking, why eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and abdicating red meat makes sense and why you should regularly move your ass and keep fit (also on holiday). In the end, all you have to do is practicing all the advices to yourself, which will surely be the hardest part of this affair. By reading this book and especially the implementation of the knowledge, you have already made a big step forward and you also have done your health a favor.

Secondary plant extracts and dietary supplements

factors to occur cancer
cancer risk factors

A second part of the book deals mainly with tips relating to secondary plant extracts and their effects. According to many experts, secondary plants are preferable to dietary supplements, but in some cases these supplements make sense. Because if you need high doses of an active ingredient, it is simply more practicable to ingest it in form of a pill. A particularly important task is to strengthen our immune system with the help of secondary plants and dietary supplements.

Own experience

As far as dietary supplements are concerned, I have already tried a lot and I can only advise each one of you before any pills are consumed wildly, you should first of all analyze your situation. With blood testing, you can already find out a lot about your body and its organs. The widespread vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can also be detected well. I, for example, managed to increase my vitamin B12 level from 225 pg/ml to 612 pg/ml. I achieved this value by taking methylcobalamin (B12) daily for four weeks. I think there is nothing wrong about, isn’t it? Spirulina, Chlorella and Choline are also useful supplements to do something good for your body. They provide minerals and help with detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract.

recommedations for preventing cancer
dietary and lifestyle recommendations

However, due to my own mistakes, I have already had borderline experiences. For example, when taking MSM (organic sulfur), I immediately took 2 pills (1200 mg) at once, and then I lay in bed feeling like a nuclear power plant where electricity could be drained. And there are still some people writing you can confidently take 3 grams, well then hallelujah and have fun! My advice: be careful with these remedies and start with small doses.


Many dietary supplements are really recommended and are also useful as an additional source of secondary plants. According to the authors of the book, we are all allowed to eat plenty of cabbage, soy, garlic, onions and dark chocolate. All this meals should be seasoned with tumeric and pepper. One to two glasses of red wine also seems to be super healthy. Let´s be honest: Life without any poison is pretty boring. The one who says that alcohol is a neurotoxin and therefore completely renounced, can do that but I prefer to go after the Swiss philosopher Paracelsus and true to the motto “The dose makes the poison”.

Finally, it should be mentioned again that the book is really recommended, and I advise everyone not only then to deal with the issue of cancer, when the shit is already steaming, but to live preventively aware.

And a lot of Vitamin D3 you will get for free, here in the hotel Costa Rica, Samara.

PURA VIDA from Costa Rica


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