Finally arrived in paradise – Hotel internship Costa Rica (part 3)

We almost made it, only one last bus trip separated us from our initially so far distant goal: the Hotel Internship Costa Rica Paraiso del Cocodrilo!

After a very relaxing night in Alajuela we were greeted directly with a delicious breakfast the next morning. Of course it was ‘Gallo Pinto’, a typical Costa Rican dish, made of rice and beans. Super delicious and only recommendable! Then we had to go straight to the road to San José, which we would have liked to avoid, because we’ve heard of the high crime rate of the capital again and again. However, we had no choice anyway because the only bus to Samara started there. We went by bus and arrived in San José after about an hour drive. There we had to take a taxi which took us from one bus terminal to another. All of this was pretty easy and worked without problems, our only concern was the time! Five minutes before the departure of our bus, we arrived at the bus station but we still didn’t have any tickets. We were really hurrying up, but ultimately we got the bus – and thus our last hurdle.

Jungle – crocodile – Rainer

Yet the trip to Samara was an experience. While we’ve been driving deep into the jungle, there was a lot of sunshine and hot tropical climate. For both of us, everything was so juicy green, so impressive and so new, there could have been really nothing, spoiling our mood. The highlight of the bus trip was a gigantic crocodile, which I could see while we’ve been crossing a large river and it was the first time for me, to see such an animal in the nature and not behind a cage. After four hours of amazement and dreaming, we reached our goal and there was already Rainer, waiting and expecting us in Samara. He was super relaxed and it was nice to meet him! The way to the hotel was longer than expected and a little bit bumpy. Normally, the journey takes only about ten minutes because of a shortcut through a river, but since we are here in the rainy season, the river is very deep and bigger as usual. So we had to take the longer and the more difficult route.

Sheep – monkeys – lizards

My first thought after getting out of the car was like ‘WOW’, what a silence! The hotel is right in the middle of nowhere in the tropical rainforest. I needed a few minutes to realize the whole thing. So, this is going to be my home for the next few months! From far away you could hear the noise of the sea, monkeys were roaring out of the jungle, sheep were mowing and lizards were rustling nearly everywhere. It seemed, as if we had met a place where the world is still okay, it felt a bit as if the time had stopped. The hotel can be definitely described as a nature paradise, everything seemed so idyllic and harmonious, almost as if it was a setting. But it was real, the hotel deserved the name ‘paraiso’ more than anything else. I imagined living here so peaceful and carefree and was just happy about the chance of landing here. Rainer immediately showed us our room, which was also super comfortable. Everything was so beautiful and I even felt as I had arrived home after a long journey.

Always with tranquility

Actually we were planning maximum three to four nights here in the hotel, then we wanted to move on. In the end, we stayed seven nights. We just couldn’t get away from this magical place and could not imagine even better places in Costa Rica! There were so many great things to see and to do here. On our first day, Rainer showed us the way to the beach and yet the road to get there was a pure adventure because there were a lot of monkeys bouncing around the trees. The walk to Buena Vista beach takes about ten minutes, after arriving there you can walk along the ocean, cool down in the waves of the Pacific or simply enjoy the peaceful place. Right on the beach, there is a turtle camp, where you can see baby turtles, running into the sea for the first time. Luckily, we passed exactly when three little babies were released. Carefully, we were even able to touch the little tots and so take them in our own hands! I will never forget this beautiful experience! The next day, Rainer showed us the beautiful market of Nicoya, the offer of fresh fruits and vegetables is amazing. Another day we walked – while the low tide was coming – to the neighboring beach ‘Barrigona’, a dreamlike beautiful white palm beach with no people. Another highlight was our first surfing lesson in Samara! Absolutely not as easy as it looks – quite the opposite: After an hour of surfing (of course we had an instructor) we were as flat, as if we had ran a marathon. But it was definitely worth it because we had a lot of fun and enjoyed it. The time at the Hotel Costa Rica passed – unfortunately – pretty fast because there were so many things to discover. But one thing was clear: we must go on after all because we wanted to see other parts of the country as well. And even if it was something difficult four us – because we were so relaxed and satisfied – we could manage it after one week, to leave the hotel behind us and to continue our journey.

In part 2 hotel internship Costa Rica you can read how our flight was going on. In part 4 Hotel internship Costa Rica you can read how our journey continued.

Pura Vida



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