My hotel internship in Costa Rica, let’s go into the jungle! (1st chapter)

It has always been one of my biggest dreams, to go abroad for a certain time. To discover another world, explore new cultures, improve my language skills and of course to spice up my CV.

Above the jungle trees

Probably, my tourism management studies offer me the best opportunities because in the third semester there is the possibility to do a semester abroad and in the fifth, you can complete an internship in another country. Unfortunately, this dream came to an end last year, as I received – despite a lot of confidence – a cancellation from the University of Aruba. All study places have already been allocated. Pretty frustrating! For this reason it was immediately clear to me: the internship abroad is a MUST! Relatively early I started looking for a convenient place. However, the problem with the whole thing was, that I didn’t really know, where exactly I wanted to go now. Should I stay in Europe? Or should I go beyond the big oceans? More and more often, I’ve heard from the other students that they are trying to get a job at the prestigious and well-known tourism companies. Perhaps, they wanted to strive for a career as fast as possible? Or maybe they wanted to have “big names” in their CV’s? But all of that seemed absolutely unimportant to me.

From the beginning on, my priorities were good weather, a relaxed atmosphere and to learn another language. Of course, all of that in combination with a lot of fun and joy. But in the end, I can’t even remember why I decided to go to Costa Rica. I think it was probably coincidence, because for a short time I fixed myself very much on America, especially California. In spite of the long and annoying research, there was simply nothing attracting to me. And one day, I was landing on a page where I’ve noticed an internship in Costa Rica. ‘Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo’ sounded directly sympathetic to me. Furthermore, my interest was awakened when I informed myself about the exact location of the hotel. Right next to the pacific, on the peninsula of Nicoya, far away from the urban hustle bustle and in the middle of the jungle.  And also: under German direction.  All of that sounded pretty promising, and for that reason, I decided immediately to send away my application documents. And only a few days later, I received an invitation to a skype-call!

Skype call – first try

Of course, you make yourself a lot of thoughts before a job interview. Especially in Germany it is often the case, that there are a lot of strict and fixed rules and norms. Beside this, you can never exactly know what comes up to you. Which questions will be asked? Can I meet the requirements? As a precaution, I decided to sit down in front of my display with a white blouse and some makeup. And of course, I was more then on time. And then I waited and waited and waited. At the beginning only some minutes passed but at some point it was over an hour and so I wrote Rainer, the owner of the hotel, a mail about what is going on. Two hours later came a respond that he felt sorry but he had to go spontaneously to Santa Cruz. ‘No problem’ I thought to myself and we agreed a new date.

Skype call – second try

Same procedure as at the first attempt. Again I was sitting punctual at 08:00 pm (In Costa Rica 12:00 noon) and a little bit nervously in front of my screen and waited for the call. And also again, I was waiting and nothing happened. One hour later I was kind of disappointed because I thought I got removed one more time. But then suddenly about 9:30 pm a call! Very excited, I was accepting the call and then there was Rainer, sitting right in front of me. Immediately I realized that there was no reason to be excited. Rainer made the typical ‘dropout’ expression: tanned, disheveled hair and visibly relaxed. He said that he forgot a little bit the time, while he was walking along the beach with his two dogs. This peace of mind made directly a positive impression on me and during our casual conversation, I was realizing for the first time ever, what the expression ‘Pura Vida’ was about. From my side there was no doubt about anything. Rainer said he would think about the whole thing and then he would let me know how everything goes on. Does that mean I have the job?

Speechless with happiness

One week later, Rainer told me to book a flight and to send him a copy of the ticket as a confirmation. I was speechless with happiness and I couldn’t even believe it! Finally it was decided, I’ve got an internship at a hotel in Costa Rica. A big adventure but also a new challenge I will soon have to deal with. The more I read and informed myself about the country, the merrier my anticipation became. I was constantly only reading about beautiful beaches, an overwhelming wildlife in the middle of the tropical rainforest and about the relaxed lifestyle of the so-called ‘Ticos and Ticas’. Another positive aspect was, that the country seemed to be very save and highly developed, in comparison to other Central American countries. This time, definitely nothing could ruin my big dream!

If this sounded interesting for you, you could also read the second part about my arrival and my internship at a hotel in Costa Rica.


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