Internship Costa Rica – The most chaotic trip (part 2)

Miami – San José – Liberia – Miami

After three hours of turbulence in the air, we should have started landing at the airport of San José. But instead of telling the passengers that we would be arriving soon at our destination, so our seatbelts should be kept fastened and the seats should be in an upright position, the pilot said, that we wouldn’t be able to land in San José because of bad weather conditions. Just imagine the atmosphere in the plane at that moment, people were annoyed, confused and unsure what was about to come. After a few minutes of sheer helplessness, we were informed how the situation was going to be solved. We would just land at Liberia airport, another airport in Costa Rica. In that moment, you could almost see the anger that was coming up next, particularly with the natives. But for me it just didn’t matter anymore, cause actually, I was just glad that we were about to land somewhere. And for my destination it actually wasn’t bad at all, Liberia was already in the right province (Guanacaste). After having landed at the airport in Liberia we were told to stay seated until they could make up their minds about what to do next. The general mood of the passengers almost couldn’t get worse, people were angry with the whole situation. Then the crew announced that we would wait until the weather would get better and that we would be on our way to San José in about one hour. The passengers lightened up, everybody was glad to reach San José after all.

So we went on waiting. But we didn’t take off to San José. And we couldn’t leave the plane either. The next Announcement was, that we couldn’t fly to San José because the weather just would not clear up. If you are thinking right now that the mood of the crowd couldn’t get worse, let me tell you that you are wrong. So wrong. They went on: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to inform you that we just finished preparing the plane for taking off to Miami again.”

What the hell did they just announce?!

With all that could have happened I would have never thought that we would be heading back to Miami that night. I still don’t really know why they didn’t just let us get out in Liberia, so we could go on with our journeys, at least we already were in the right country. Nevertheless, we took off to Miami around 10 o’clock in the evening. Three hours of turbulence and chaos later we were back in Miami. The Airline would organise hotels to spend the night and arrange a new flight for the next morning. In addition we got coupons for dinner and breakfast which could be used at the hotel and the airport. Want to hear something funny? You can’t buy anything if every single store is closed. A lot of people were hoping to get something at the hotel then. To get to those hotels we should use the free shuttle service from the airport, that apparently drives 24/7.  So we waited at the bus stop in front of the airport, a group of stranded travellers. And indeed, there were Shuttles, but not to the right hotel. Extremely exhausted and annoyed I shared an Uber with three other passengers of the plane in the end. Finally arriving at the hotel, people were hoping for something to eat that wasn’t cookies or pretzels. Unfortunately, the restaurant of the hotel was closed as well at almost 3 o’clock in the morning. To be honest, I didn’t care at all, because all I wanted was to get some sleep after being awake for almost 24 hours straight.

 Next try: San José

Next morning, 8 o’clock. The shuttle service, that actually came that morning, took us to the airport of Miami again. It was almost unbelievable how fast and easy we were going through the security check this time, and soon

On my way to San José

we were at the gate, where we finally could get something to eat. After having taken some refreshments I had to wait another 1,5 hours for the boarding, which also took some time again because they had to rearrange our seats. Nobody knows why they didn’t just kept the same order as the day before…  Around 11 o’clock we then took off to San José and – believe it or not – three hours later we landed there as well.

Almost there

Well, it was not really unusual that the line for immigration was extremely long, but I didn’t care, I was too happy to finally be in Costa Rica. And if I would be able to still catch my Bus departing at 5 o’clock in san José I would just wait as long as it was going to take. Even my suitcase made it to San José so I couldn’t be happier. Then, as a whole, everything went pretty smoothly. Well, at least almost. The Bus heading to Samara sadly didn’t only stop there. There were a lot of other stations every now and then along the road. For someone like me, who had never seen that route before, it was incredibly difficult to check, where we were. Of course, the fact that it was already dark outside didn’t help. The only clue I had was the time that ride would take, which was about 5 hours. Honestly, without my native seatmate I probably wouldn’t had got off at the right stop.

But thanks to his help and my eavesdropping on other passengers who seemingly wanted to get off in Samara, too, I fluss_samara_esther_feustelreached the last step of my journey. Thank god, my boss was so kind as to pick me up. As tired as I was, I was only slightly confused when we drove through a river and very uneven…well, let’s call them roads. All that mattered to me was to finally get some sleep.

To be honest, I’ve never had a journey like this before. I mastered the first adventure of my trip to Costa Rica, even if I would have never thought it was going to be the journey itself. Of course, everything was pretty exhausting and exciting and sometimes annoying, but in the end everything went well and I safely arrived at the hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo to start my internship.

Now I’m curious what kind of adventure the future holds.

By Esther F.


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