Out of University – pure into a new adventure!

… the last three years study, were afterwards regarded, actually completely okay – shortly before the examination phase a little learn, now and then a lecture or a presentation, but altogether everything was relaxed! The Work Life balance was somehow nevertheless rather well in the agreement… although perhaps a little more aligned to Life than Work. But hey, do we live just for the work or do we work in order to live? So it was very important to me to find an internship which is fun to me!

Search and preparation:

After a long research, actually rather in german-language environment, I accidental found the hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo in Costa Ric. The job advertisement was short, but has however been enough to me, to write Rainer, the hotel boss, an e-mail. Actually I did not want to go any longer so far away. My apartment in Berlin was already quit with that ulterior motive to move more near to my familie… and now should I possibly go to the other end of the world? In addition I was directly after the Abitur already in Costa Rica for 10 month – so do I want to go there again? Yes, I do! A few exchanged sentences by email later, it was certain that I would not spend this summer in Germany. So I packed my Backpack and went off to the airport.

The Flight:

My flight went with Condor, over Dominican republic, directly to San Jose. With arrival on the plane it became already clear me that the next 11 hours up to the first pause would not become really pleasant. These terribly close seats, beside me constantly wriggling a chap, who sometimes also still began to sing and infinitely many small children! … But well – holding out! The paradise is no longer far away!

Way to bus terminal:

After altogether scarce 16 hours, flight + latency,the long desired landing was in view – but unfortunately was my travel here not yet in the end. Out from the airport, purely in the taxi and off to the bus station. With my luck, the cab driver wanted to have naturally again more money, than I have been told before. But in the morning at 5.00 o’clock after felt thirty hours, even I had no more passion to discuss about that and so I entered simply. However, the driver was rather nice and told me that there would be now a new bus station to which he would drive me now. Arrived at the bus station and 28 US $ poorer (for scarce 20Min. Drive) I was positively surprised. Who knew the old station, knows that the environment was not necessarily the most beautiful one and also not the safest one for tourists. The new station against it offers the possibility also to wait for a few hours in pleasant environment and has air-condition.Since the bus I actually wanted to take unfortunately already was away, I had to wait 6 hours for the next bus… in the first moment rather corrosive, but luckily there was another nice girl from Germany who helped me with her perfect Spanish language skills to talk to the lady at the switch for another possibility for me to get more earlier at my planned destination.

Continuation one’s journey:

One hour later, provided with sufficiently water, I was sitting in the bus to Nicoya. That wasn’t yet my terminus, approached this however at least already somewhat. With Rainer, my future boss, I had agreed that I would write him, when sitting in the bus. Thus written a message to him and hoped for that he would also get these and would collect me sometime, somewhere.

Arrived at Nicoya I had to wait again 45min. for the next bus.This drove then however finally directly to Samara, into my destination. After I had assumed in good faith Rainer had already gotten my first Sms and these tacitly accepted, I wrote him again and assumed he would take me in one hour in Samara with joyfully expectation. Blowball! Rainer had naturally gotten none of my news, so that after altogether 28 hours of travel, without sleep and little food, I stood a little helplessly in Samara. A few minutes later I chat up simply a few people, which were unbelievably helpful and borrowed time immediately their smartphones, so that I could call Rainer. Rainer was trying to reach me already and was in Nicoya at that precise moment. In hope that Rainer wouldn’t be annoyed, I granted myself still another delicious, green shining lemonade and in addition a few sweet potato French fries in the LuvBurger, the meeting point of surfers in Samara. A scarce hour later  Rainer was there and fortunately wasn’t annoyed at all. Relived about that we finally went to the hotel. As I already expected the arrival was very adventurous – over stony roads, holey ways and by a river strain into the jungle.

Arrived in the hotel I was welcomed first by the two hotel-own dogs and could win a short impression of the beautiful area. Afterwards I took a short shower but then it was time for me to say Buenas of noches!

….Resumption will follow!

More information about internship in Costa Rica.

Here you can see the details of the Hotel Costa Rica Guanacaste Samara.

internship Costa Rica hotel and beach
Welcome to paradise

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