More precious time for yourself!

Your mental to-do list is getting longer and longer, the laundry hill is getting bigger and we don’t even want to start talking about for how long you wanted to call your mother? You’re not alone! 

A lot of people have so many tasks that their heads are about to explode. So e.g. they stay longer at work or even take some of their work home. Here is where the devil circle starts – less time for yourself, for family, for friends. Less sleep and maybe less time for cooking some good dishes. All of this together can have a bad influence on the health.

feet-in-sandFeet in Sand. Source:

So maybe try a view of the following tips to maximize your amount of time and be able to do what you really want to do:

Don’t work overtime
To maximize your working hours won’t maximize your productivity. You will get exhausted and are not able to rehabilitate until the next day.

Learn to say „no“
This can help you to stay focused. You aren’t responsible for others finishing their tasks. So don’t put too much effort in „the wrong tasks“.

You don’t have to do everything on your own
Start learning to delegate asks to your colleagues. This doesn’t mean that you are just giving your tasks to other, but to separate which tasks others can handle faster or even better.

Don’t be to perfectionistic
Perfectionists often focus on unnecessary things and forget about the whole picture.

Find a way to automate repeating tasks
Having tasks that come back to you daily or weekly? Find a way to automate them, e.g. per writing down FAQ from customers.

And most important: it is okay to let the world burn
What we mean by this: spend some time just for yourself. Allow yourself to do nothing. This time can double your brain productivity and your mood. We recommend you a stay in Paraiso del Cocodrilo a hotel lodge in Costa Rica.

And if all of this doesn’t work out?And if all of this doesn’t work out?
If all of this doesn’t work: be invited to get a hint of „Pura Vida“. Human living in Costa Rica got rated on place 15 of the „World Happiness report“. Want to know why? Find more information here.


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