Discover Guanacaste!

Since the opening of the international airport in Liberia, the Costa Rican province of Guanacaste becomes more easily accessible. From many destinations now you can book good flights and this makes the region more and more popular. And this is justified as Guanacaste has a lot to offer! Here are a few travel inspirations:

The province of Guanacaste extends over the Nicaraguan border in the North to San Francisco de Coyote in the South of the Nicoya peninsula. The western border of the region is marked by the Pacific Ocean coast and in the east, the border runs along the volcanoes Miravalles and Arenal as well as along the Cloud Forest of Monteverde. Besides touristic attractions such as Arenal, Monteverde and the coastal towns of Tamarindo and Playas del Coco there is a lot more to discover and to experience in Guanacaste!

This region is very diverse and offers something for everyone: fantastic, partly lonely beaches, untouched nature offering ideal conditions for animal observation and spectacular landscapes featuring volcanoes, waterfalls and bizarre formations of rocks. One of the absolute highlights is the National Park Rincón de la Vieja, which is situated around the volcano of the same name, close to Liberia. Hot springs, geysers and mud holes are characteristic for the scenery of this park. Several hiking trails allow you to discover the different habitats of Rincón de la Vieja. There is also the possibility to undertake a day long walk up to the crater. There are several viewpoints and also a natural pool where you can go for a swim.

Volcano Rincón de la Vieja. Source:


Another popular destination for nature lovers is the National Park Palo Verde, which is situated at the mouth of the river Tempisque at the Gulf of Nicoya. Especially worthwhile is a boat tour on the river offering the possibility to watch birds and crocodiles. In the park, different habitats can be found such as mangroves, swamps, grass savannah and tropical dry forest. Therefore, the flora and fauna is very varied. Most of Costa Rica’s birds are to be found here – more than 300 species have been identified. The ideal time for animal observation is the dry season, when the animals are flocking around the remaining water holes. Further, the trees which have lost their leaves make the animals more visible.

After an exciting trip to one of the National Parks it is time for a relaxing day at the beach. And Guanacaste has a lot of them! The region is home to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches. Along the Pacific coast one wonderful bay follows another, with sand in the colors from brown-grey over golden-yellow up to shining white. And the blue of the Ocean is shimmering in different tones. Among the most beautiful beaches of Guanacaste are Pan de Azúcar in the north, Playa Junquillal in the center and Playa Carrillo in the south of the province. The ones who have a car at their disposal can drive along the coast and enjoy some lonely beaches. Who is looking for a little bit more action, will find a great choice of bars, restaurants, water sports and tour suppliers in the touristic coastal towns. Besides, the region is known as one of the best surf spots worldwide!

If you are a sun worshipper, nature lover or adrenalin junkie: Holidays in Guanacaste offer something for everyone! If you are looking for an idyllic accommodation in Guanacaste, we recommend the nature lodge Paraíso del Cocodrilo near Playa Buenavista.


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