We need more vegetarians, if that is an alternative

Every day we use about 4000 litres of water in the global cut. Besides, the agriculture uses twice as much water as all the other activities of the humanity together. The meat production has the highest water consumption.

Nicht gerade appetitlichThe growth of the world population and the rising water consumption could make a luxury property out of meat. The production of only a kilogramme of pork uses about 10.000 litres of water.

According to estimates, the world population will rise to nine billion until 2015. On the available areas for cultivation, there is not enough water to nourish so many people with meat. If the portion of the animal protein in our nutrition sank from 20 to 5 percent, the available water would just be enough.

More facts

More than half of the grain is processed to cattle feed and biofuel or ends up in the garbage. Meanwhile about 925 billion people suffer from malnutrition.

Other problems are the growing power demand of the humanity and the global warming will not stop. More dryness, storms or heavy rainfall are ensuring economic damages and will force up the grain prices.

Future prospectsWie wär's mit vegan?

By now there are clear signs that the rising need of resources demands too much of all technologies and of the planet. Currently the humanity uses one and a half times more resources than the earth has at disposal. If it goes on like that in 2050 the humanity would need three planets to supply the human race.

So far to the facts and we are saying “good night humanity”.

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