Costa Rica currently on 2nd place in the ranking of global well-being

The so-called Gallup-Healthways analysis has now published their results of 2014.

Where in the world do people feel best?

The study is based on more than 146,000 interviews in 145 different countries. The people are asked for their opinion on topics such as health, finance, community and social issues. It also is interesting to see how people from different regions feel in their everyday lives.

The Latin American countries are at the top in the well-being ranking. First place is Panama, close behind Costa Rica and the third place goes to Puerto Rico. At the bottom of the ranking are countries such as Afghanistan, Togo and the Ivory Coast.

America and Europeans

America is the country with the biggest growth (114th place) and the Europeans are at the top in financial well-being. (Germany 46th place)

This analysis is a current and realistic mirror for the countries, helping them to recognize their weak points and to improve them.

Who has not yet visited Costa Rica, should take the results as an opportunity to travel to the natural paradise of Costa Rica. If you then like the country, you can also think about emigrating to Costa Rica.

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Wie fühlen Sie sich in ihrem Land?  Artikel in german

relax in the nature
no Stress in Costa Rica

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