The music is you’re only friend until the end

German researchers have now made an important discovery in the Alzheimer research. Affected people may have forgotten a lot, but familiar music they will still remember.

It has long been assumed that the temporal lobe, which is also responsible for listening, processes the music in the brain. Now researchers found that’s not true. Music is processed in the same brain area, which is also in charge of complex motor sequences.

To find out, researchers played familiar and unfamiliar songs for the participants. They analyzed the brain activity using devices and so were able to localize the cerebral part of the music long-term memory more accurate.


Alzheimer calls against various changes in the brain. On the one hand there is an accumulation of certain proteins in the nerve texture, on the other hand, the metabolism in the affected regions is slowed down. Finally, there will be a decline in brain mass.

However, it has now been found that, that the area of ​​the brain, which is responsible for motor skills and music recognition, is less affected. This part of the brain functions in comparison to other areas of the brain almost on common rates. This seems plausible, since the capabilities for movement of many Alzheimer’s disease patients is maintained for a long time.

This new finding provides research approaches, for alternative therapies to handle the Alzheimer disease. Researchers can find out what this insensitivity of this part of the brain is based on and find new solutions for treatments.

Making music and listening to thee music

Making music is not only fun, but also helps the health in terms of memory. Our good advice is therefore to make music yourself and with others, to find even more joy in life.

Music hotel Costa Rica

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Music until the end
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