How to beat Diabetes 2, without Pills

With simple means I have overcome my diabetes 2 and now my glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also really good. My progress report with holiday tip and advice.

My Story

I came 1993 to Costa Rica and have a small individual hotel and restaurant at the pacific coast. To this day I am glad and happy about it.

Lately I did not feel very well, after some studies the doctor gave me the diagnose of diabetes 2. Checked again by the Laboratory, the glucose value was at 140 in the morning and 200 mg/dl 2 hours later. Also the blood pressure was increased and the Cholesterol results at 310 mg/dl.

        control you body1

Doctors and Pills

My confidence in doctors, based on personal experience, is not so high.

Too often it is about the sale of drugs and too often you are sent around without improvements. My doctor then also recommended me to take various types of drugs to handle the blood pressure. The Tablets are a little expensive however the pharmaceutical industry is happy about their new customers.

So I bought the prescribed tablets towards high glucose values and high blood pressure, which often was at 160/95. I did this a while, but soon was unsatisfied with my situation and informed myself on the internet.

Change is not always easy

First I wanted to move then switch the diet. Exercise was easy for me. I just went for a walk on the beach an hour every day. This lead to a low blood sugar level afterwards.

Omit fat and sugar

With the change in diet, I made some mistakes at first, until I figured out it actually is very simple: No animal fat, no sugar neither sugar substitutes.

Vegetables and Fruits 

The alternatives are vegetables and fruits and anyone who believes that there are only few possibilities is for sure mistaken. By now we have such a varied selection in our Costa Rica restaurant to offer, which is not only healthy but tasty too. Here are some examples:

In the morning:

Fresh strawberries with cereal or oatmeal and plain yogurt or buttermilk

You can also vary the fruit. Along with organic coffee or tee.

At noon:

Plate of fruits or Mexican vegetable stew with organic chicken, spicy

In the evening:

Guacamole with homemade tortillas and ripe Plantain

Fresh fish from the local fisherman with mashed potatoes and spinach along Chilean red wine

All dishes are prepared without fat, not even olive oil. No groceries from the butcher and baker

Laboratory test after 4 weeks

I have alimented myself as described and took a walk every day for 4 weeks. I did not take any drugs. After that I went to the Laboratory to again check the results:

Blood glucose in the morning: 87/mgdl

Cholesterol total: 180 mg/dl

Blood pressure: 118/75

(compare to attachment)

Laboratory values in 2013 and 2015
god values after change food

I was totally surprised that I had changed my health in such a short amount of time, through just proper diet and exercise. In addition I felt great and full of energy.

Medicinal plants

Also we offer medicinal plants like Moringa, Aloe Vera, various Asian and Chinese Tees and more.


The most significant contents:

  • Essential amino acids: protection against free radicals
  • Vitamin A: important for healthy vision
  • Vitamin C: strengthens the immune system
  • Calcium: essential for healthy teeth and bones
  • Magnesium: stimulates circulation
  • Potassium: ensures smooth metabolism
  • Iron: essential for cell oxygenation
  • Zinc: anti-inflammatory effects in the body
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: essential for brain function
  • Zeatin: important chemical messenger that brings materials where they are to act

6x more calcium than milk

14x more potassium than bananas

6x more vitamin C than oranges

6x more vitamin B1 and B2 as yeast

3x more folic acid than beef liver

3x more vitamin A than carrots

24x more iron than spinach

3x more vitamin E than wheat germ

5x more polyphenols than red wine

46 antioxidants

26 anti-inflammatories

25 vitamins and minerals


Omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids

26% protein – all 8 essential amino acids

Zeatin and Salvestrols

Spinola, amino acids, essential

Isoleucin 6,3  Leucin 9,3  Lysin 5,0  Methionin 3,2  Phenylalanin 4,7

Threonin 4,8   Tryptophan 1,0 Valin 7,3

Minerals/Trace elements mg/ 100

Calcium (Ca) 600,0   Chlorid (Cl) 62,0  Chrom (Cr) 0,1  Eisen (Fe) 120,0

Fluor (F) 4,5  Jod (J) n. n. (< 0,5 mg/kg)  Kalium (K) 1.050,0

Kupfer (Cu) 0,25 Magnesium (Mg) 280,0 Mangan (Mn) 3,4 Molybdän (Mo) 0,02 Natrium (Na) 230,0

Phosphor (P) 850,0   Selen (Se) n. n. (< 1mg/kg) Zink (Zn) 2,4 Units/Gramm

Offers holidays and health 

Improve health while making vacations in Costa Rica.

Consultation and courses at the Pacific beach in Costa Rica

6 days 550 $

12 days 900 $


Detoxification with activated carbon (drink)

Strengthening the body through organic Spinulina (drink)

3 hiking tours:

  1. The turtle conservation at the beach Buena Vista
  2. White sandy beach Barrigona (Mel Gibson owns property here)
  3. Trekking tour from Playa Guiones to Playa Pelada

A Room at the Pacific-sandy beach, double room from just 40 Euro.

The Hotel Costa Rica it is located 300 meters from the Turtle sandy beach Buena Vista, Samara, where currently turtles still arrive. Also there were whales to observe just a few days ago.

Tour Offers: turtles, crocodiles, dolphins and others…

You can also just relax and enjoy your delicious food!

Pura Vida

Hotel Costa Rica Samara


How to beat Diabetes 2, without Pills in german

Nice hotel lodge in Costa Rica pacific ocean, Buena Vista Samara

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