No satisfaction with Apple MacBook Pro and Support (part 1)

Apple places big value of the satisfaction of his customers said a hotel guest in Costa Rica to me, after my MacBook Pro after one year gave up his mind. I tried this and that, here my progress report.

We live for 25 years in our Costa Rica hotel on the Pacific-sandy beach of Samara Costa Rica. Till some years we used Windows computer for our Internet service. All 2 years a bigger repair was included. All 3-4 years a new computer. Because many of our Costa Rica guests use Apple computers, I asked whether they are contented with the Apple computers.

Many said yes so I resolved to buy an Imac 27. I liked this well and now after 3 years I still own iPad Tablet and an Ipod to hear the music. All this ons gets function well and I am done by the innovation.

With the purchase of a Macbook pro in ICon in San Jose Costa Rica on the 24th of March, 2014 at a price of 2500$ I own another nice device.

Indeed, I wanted to buy a smaller Macbook, but in the big Mac Filiale in San Jose there would be only one Macbook to shop, only this. I bought it because I have a long trip from Samara to San Jose (there and back 10-hour journey) behind myself had and no desire had to drive once more here.
11 months the Macbook well ran, then overnight no loading of the battery. I tried this and that, however, without success. So I called with Apple in San Jose. The mechanic Eric says I must come by to make an analysis. As quickly as possible because the guarantee, Apple gives 1 year, in few days runs off. What only 1 year Warranty with a price of 2500$. OK, our Costa Rica hotel is completely full with guests and now I am not able here simply go to San Jose.
Then after couple of days I went to San Jose to make the Macbook pro to let analyse. Then the engineer said this after half an hour analysis, the battery is dead and costs the repair to about 900$.

It would be complicated with the MacBook Per with Retina display. The calculator is connected with the battery stuck together in the case. So also gifted craftsmen better the fingers away. He can repair it, however, just minimum 900$ of costs.
Quotation: #Apple this new form of the paternalism of the user funds to one by the level construction form of the MacBooks, as well as with the achievement and perseverance of the batteries. Thus the manufacturer “promises” 1000 loading cycles for the modern lithium polymer accumulators, until the battery falls less than 80 percent of the original capacity.

Therefore, with normal use such a battery would have to do her service easily from at least two to three years. Unfortunately, this marketing promise can be not always understood in practice, because every accumulator has his peculiarities and must be substituted therefore sooner or later.

I had enough trouble for the moment and drove home to our Costa Rica hotel to forget the annoyance on the beach of Samara and to turn then in rest to the Apple Support.

will be continued. . .

Apple macbook pro
Apple macbook pro

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