Tropical Storms and their effects
 (Example Costa Rica, Nosara)

The rebuilding to avoid floods of the Nosara river affects the flora and fauna in this area.

Tropical Storm Tomas
In November 2010, Tropical Storm Tomas affected 246 families in Nosara, including Santa Marta and Santa Teresita as the Nosara River streams flooded everyone who lived within 500 meters.

As a result, Costa Rica has developed the solution, to give the Nosara river a bypass.
Nevertheless, although the work is in line with current legislation, it is a fact, that the impact to the environment is inevitable.
Such is the case of the mangrove trees located on the banks of the river, or the birds like the kingfischer, which perch on the branches of the trees surrounding the river. Also the monkeys, which have now the possibility, to cross the river.

Another important point is the effect on the health of the river due to gravel, the material that is being applied as a filler to form the dike and also the inevitably suffer from the pollution due to the machinery operating in the riverbed.
The consequences leave a bitter taste but it is also comforting to know that if another tropical storm hits one day, the lives and homes of many Nosara residents will be safe.

Costa Rica climate

Usually it is relatively quiet on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Only during the hurricane season, mainly between September and October, the Pacific sometimes gets the foothills of these storms in the form of strong winds and rain. The whole usually lasts no longer than 3 days. The other time is with the sun and mild climate perfect for vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is now and will forever stay the number 1 ecological area with its nature and nice climate.

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