The half flippers (Dolphin Tour in Costa Rica Samara)

To de fishermen

In a line of three cars we left our Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo – after a short breakfast – at half past eight towards Samara. Rainer and me ahead to lead the other five guests following with two cars the right way. Because of the river still being comparatively high and apart from that because of the non-existent amphibious-vehicle-qualities of the two rental cars, we had to drive in a roundabout way. After about an half an hours drive, we arrived at the houses of the fishermen at the outskirts of Samara.

Right after Rainer had bought some fresh dorada fish, we were guided to the fisher boot at the beach and off we went. Behind us the waving hotelier, in front of us a wonderful look over the bay and a small uninhabited island. Whereas our two native fishermen / dolphin tour-guides steered the small boat calmly trough the waves into the open sea, we were sitting excited watching for dolphins and full of anticipation, our cameras all-time ready, on the two wooden benches at the sides. Further and further we went without even seeing a single dorsal fin. So no Flipper for us today?!

Animal and nature photos

Instead of animal photographs we already had taken various of the costal landscape, the open sea and the fellow passengers, when we met another fisher boat. Not even with their cellphones the fishermen had been able to locate workmates who have been seeing some of the happy marine mammals. As well the driver of the second boat told us by sign language that we couldn’t expect any dolphins in the direction he was coming from. As consequence we turned round to follow to follow him.

And for real: No twenty minutes later: dolphins ahoy! Admittedly they were dark grey and just half the size I expected, but dolphin is just not dolphin.

Fascinated we could watch all of a sudden more and more groups of dolphins appearing at the surface to breeze or perform the one or other daredevil jump, so we cruised from one spot to the other. The question who would have to sacrifice himself as a bait for at least getting a shark in front of our camera lenses was thus luckily off the table…With enviable facility and speed the dolphins glided through the deep blue water reflecting the sky.

Drinks and pineapple

After some time and countless more or less well-taken pictures we veered off and left our aquatic relatives to take care of themselves again. However instead of immediately pelting full speed ahead back to the beach, a cooling box came to light, containing refreshing drinks and a directly on board excoriated pineapple, we shared. Afterwards the motor ran at full speed towards the beach.

Quasi as the culmination of our toure a couple of sea turtles did us the compliment the of waving goodbye. All in all a great lot, an awesome beach panorama and overwhelming sea dwellers, but after almost four hours at sea it felt really good again to be on terra firm again.

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Here are the prices Hotel Costa Rica Samara

Boat Tour Dolphins Costa Rica  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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