Environment in danger worldwide

For the first time, researchers have shown now in which regions the protection of the nature and the interests of agriculture are incompatible. The road building in the wilderness in favor of the agriculture causes irremovable damage to the nature. Even the country Nr.1 of nature conservation, Costa Rica, struggles to keep up the protection.

The worst mistake is already made, when the first road is built into the wilderness. Because this is just the base for many other roads that will be eating through the endangered habitats, destroying anything in its way.
It resembles a cancerous ulcer – one time there, it spreads really fast and causes heavy damage, according to the environmental researcher William Laurence of the James Cook University. In the Scientist Magazine „Nature“ he and his fellows published a map of the world, that should sensitize traffic planners of endangered regions.
 We speak about approximately two billion hectares ( 17 % of the land surface ) ! This area is mostly still untouched and it is the home of many animals and plants, that can’t be found at another point of the world. However, there could be created big areas of arable land, for feating the growing population. Therefore this regions are considered as conflict zones.
Poor countries are concerned the most
It is sobering, because above all in poorest regions of the world the interests of the nature activists and the ones of the agriculture crash. Especially the areas in the south of the Sahara, asian states of the pacific like Sumatra, Borneo and Indochina or the Andes in South America and wide parts of Central America.
The fast development of the road system makes scientists worry all over the world. In sensitive places enterprises, departments, local authorities, etc. should plan and built with more carefully. But the hope, that this will happen, is on a quiet low level. From 2010 to 2015 international experts of the agency of energy assume that more than 25 billion streets are to be built, mostly in developing countries.
Conflict zones are concentrated above all in poor countries. Because of the rising number of inhabitants the demand for groceries increases automatically. Unluckily the will to sacrifice the protecting nature, too. Moreover it is problematically that many countries in the subtropics and tropics belong to the developing and emerging nations.
But the situation differs a lot from continent to continent: more than a quarter of the land surface of Africa is considered as critical by experts. Whereas in Europa it is less than 10 %.
In this research of course it is taken into account how much of the surface is already lost and how much of the environment still can be destroyed.
Problems in Costa Rica
More than 25% of the countries surface have been put under conservation. However there are big problems in the environmental protection like the erosion of the earth•s surface or water and air pollution. Apart from that the burden of the garbage because of exposed refuse dumps, particularly in the growing cities.
As a consequence of the erosion the coastal waters become murky and this leads to a irremovable damage of the coral reef. At the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica all coral reefs are regarded as numb.
Nonetheless, Costa Rica is still at a high level in comparison with other countries and always worth traveling to!
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Please help us to save the environment!!!
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