Epidemic in Africa continues to spread

Last year there were in Asia Nicaragua and Costa Rica and other regions, many dengue cases. It was relatively harmless compared with the Ebola epidemic which spreads rapidly further in Africa.

The Ebola epidemic is spreading faster in the west of Africa. Meanwhile, the virus has already reached the Senegal. 

It began in March. Guinea reported an Ebola outbreak. The spread of the virus was very quickly. Liberia and Sierra Leone were affected, to cases occurred in Nigeria. 

The WHO said on 8th of august, the epidemic is an international health emergency. Several assistants are transported to Europe and the United States. A patient came on the 28th of august to Hamburg. 

3069 confirmed and suspected cases of Ebola infection since the outbreak. 1552 people have already died. (Status from the 28th of august) 

An acute case reaches the Senegal. A student has been infected in Guinea and is currently being treated in the capital Dakar. The epidemic has spread in recent days in West Africa. Faster than expected and continues to spread. 

The WHO has reported that the actual disease rates in many regions are two to four times higher than expected. It is feared that the epidemic is tackled only after six to nine weeks. 

No need to panic, but if you think Africa is so far away you can be fooled. 

In the United States, Spain and in Germany there is the first patient.

Doctors Without Borders in Afrika
Doctors Without Borders in Afrika

Information about Costa Rica
Information about Costa Rica, Province of Guanacaste


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