Rout 160 Sámara- Nosara should be finally completed

It was a big promise for years, but only a few parts of the road from the gas station from Samara to Nosara were covered with asphalt. Starts in 2015 with Asphalt preparation? President Guillerm will help.

The visit of President Luis Guillermo, July 23 in Nosara was again a hopeful day for residents who living in this area. Also for tourists would have spoiled an end.

For years, talked about the fact that the route should be improve. The rout 160 is about 30 km long. But it happened never, just empty promises. Now there is new hope.

Again and again health problems among the local residents. In the dry season more dust is produced. The repairs will be fixed in certain intervals. It is a costly and time consuming process. That takes a long period of time, it requires a precise time schedule.

The catastrophic condition of the road was also confirmed by the Carlos Segnini, Minister of MOPT Ministerio de Obras y Transportes Públicas and among others by officials from CONAVI Consejo Nacional de Vialidad. The road is difficult to navigate, it’s not a motorway but a field path.

Already arrived the machines 

A start has already been made. Machines were transported by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT – Ministerio de Obras y Transportes Públicas) to the respective distances and the National Roadways Council (Consejo Nacional de Vialidad CONAVI). The maintenance work can begin.

The order was placed, so Segnini (The Voice of Guanacaste). The investments are currently about 150000000 ($ 280,000) to make the route passable by the end of September.

In the second phase, the President hopes to improve the route through maintenance and repairs until the end of December. Currently negotiations are in progress. The amount is ₡ 229000000 ($ 425,000).

The third and final phase is the most difficult and time-consuming. For asphalting the road you need a lot of helpers and especially for the repair more land by the residents. The project is supported by a loan from a bank and the help of the President. The project will be cost between $ 60 and $ 70 million, so Segnini.

When the final phase of paving will begin is not clear yet. Neither the President nor Segnini Solis comment on the appointment.

But in 2015, the project will finally start and hopefully the motorists will drive not too fast on the road.


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President Luis Guillermo, July 23 in Nosara
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