Climate change, fuddle duddle or what?

We’re jumping into a shit storm here, but who cares? Like a friend of mine said to me: „I already have enough issues to deal with, I can not take care of climate change as well.“
But the IPCC confirmed: With a estimated probability of 95 % the human being is the main cause of global climate change.

It is well known that CO2 emission, which is caused by cars, factories and powerplants, is the biggest problem. The heat trapping gas retains the solar radiation and leads to heating in the atmosphere. Up to what extent this effect is influencing out climate until now, the UN has published in the new climate report.

Measured changes so far

In the last 8 years, the CO2 content of the atmosphere increased by half. From the beginning of the 20th century the temperature has risen by 0.9 degrees and the last 30 years were the warmest since the High Middle Ages.

Snow and ice melt in a great measure. In Greenland, for example, was observed a rapid acceleration in melting, in the years from 2002 to 2011. Same applies to the Antarctic. In the mid-latitudes the snow is melting, and less and less is following. Also, the permafrost soil in Russia, is threatened by the rising temperatures. Altogether, has made the sea level already rise by 20 cm.

Nevertheless, an unexpected pause of the global temperature rise occurred. Due to the current climate model, this intermission is inexplicable. Perhaps, as the effects of clouds were not included here. Because it still remains vague how heating and cooling effects of clouds interact.


Depending on CO2 dioxide emissions, changes, greater than in the last hundred or thousand years, are expected:

The average temperature is projected to increase by 3.7 °C. More heat waves and a shift in climate zones are predicted. In the current subtropics more droughts will follow. In the tropical regions and mid-latitudes, such as Germany, more rain on the other hand.

Glaciers will disappear and the sea level will rise about 26 to 82 cm. Not only the ocean is growing, it is getting warmer too. The risk, in the air contained Co2 connects in water to carbonic acid, grows bigger. Consequently, the pH-value drops and the water would become more acidic. The marine life is threatened by a change in pH.

So far the UN climate panel depicts the current situation. Decisions will then be taken by the policy in the UN climate summit. Next time in Warsaw in November. Hopes are none too high.

Especially among the unspoiled countryside of Costa Rica the climate change is particularly painful. Therefore relax in Costa Rica and blast that climate change ignoramuses.

We play music at the beach in the lodge Hotel Costa Rica Samara

Climate and weather in Costa Rica Samara



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