Protests against excessive alcohol license fees in Nicoya Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the alcohol patent owners organize against high fees and poor treatment by the Municipalidad.

Yesterday afternoon, the owners of liquor licenses protested in the Municipalidad Nicoya, Costa Rica, against the excessive charges.


Personal experience

Earlier, the alcohol patent for our restaurant in Costa Rica, cost us about $ 200 a year. Since the new alcohol Patent – Act of 2012, signed by the President Laura Chinchilla – we were charged $ 750 per trimester, last year. Later there had been a settlement by the court and we paid about $ 200 in a trimester.

The responsible authority, the Municipalidad of Nicoya, must state the exact amount of payment. Instead of doing so it sent excessive demands of payment, though everything was paid correctly. 

In my case: a bill of about $ 5,000. You can hardly bear this with a sense of humor and a competent lawyer. 

Whereas this also happened to many others, it’s hardly surprising that there now is an corporate organization to proceed against this injustice.


We will continue to report
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