Climate Change – Emigrating to Costa Rica

The Facts

are indisputable. Since people invented the fire and are using fossil fuels in large quantities, they release plenty of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. As a consequence, the CO2 level in the atmosphere increases. And this particularly strong in the past few decades. This increase of CO2 in the atmosphere gives rise to a strong hothouse effect. The soil can radiate less heat than it is receiving from the sun. So air temperatures and the water level of the sea continue to rise.


U.S. military sounds the alarm

Since major changes in the environment can cause problematic social changes, the U.S. military now beats alarm. There is a global security risk. The use of military might be necessary to get the situation under control, so one, from 2007 shortly updated study, on the subject.

Especially politically unstable regions are at risk. The struggle for food and water is already up to date. With increasing heating, just in regions such as Africa or the Middle East are greater droughts and more dry rivers, expected. The need, and so the violence in the population will rise. More terrorism, more riots will follow eventually.


Mass migration of hungry Africans or other nations

The rising sea level also poses a major threat to the security. Flooded and destroyed cost regions could be a trigger for mass migration, to the interior or to other countries. One can imagine that these migrations will not proceed nonviolent. Another case for the U.S. military.

In case the military can handle the riots: What happens when military bases are destroyed by natural disasters? With further changing climate, we will need to prepare for stronger and more frequent storms. Therefore the military must have an emergency plan which considers these eventualities. All of this are realistic consequences of the climatic change. The media are already reporting about it. Politicians and the U.S. military are looking for solutions, even though it is not always in benefit for humanity.

Emigrating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is far away from these problems. Though also in Costa Rica sea levels will rise, and the Pacific Ocean has already higher water temperatures. Consequences are toxic algae, fish death and food intoxication.

But in Costa Rica, has a lot of nature and animals, protected in the national parks. About 30% of the country are under nature conservancy. As well Costa Rica offers good food and an excellent climate. So enough reasons to emigrate to Costa Rica, or at least to plan a trip and visit the Costa Rica hotel lodge accommodation.


Very different:



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