Where is the police?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Nature, with its national parks and the many animals that you can be observed. Especially the lonely and untouched beaches are a place of relaxation. Overall, however, Costa Rica is quiet and specially in Guanacaste, the crime is low. But be careful, here are also dangers.


Dangers on deserted beaches

The sun province of Guanacaste is known for its fantastic secluded beaches. Unfortunately, it happens time and again to the tourists being robbed.

I’ve been twice in the past year on the beach Barrigona the victim. My car was broken into and stolen the cover off the radio. This sounds at first glance, not dramatic, but the locks were broken and the car radio unusable. What to do with the caps of the radio remains a mystery to me.

Here was robbed perk for years and even a motorcycle was stolen. Two weeks ago, a young couple were the robbed things, including the car keys stolen from the rental car at Barrigona beach. At the police in Samara a report was made.

Latest events
A month ago, three tourists expensive cameras, money, passport and also the car keys were stolen from the rental car. In the attack, the two youthful offender used machetes and injured one of the tourists, who describes himself diagnosed as surgery a broken finger.

Problems of tourists with the police
The tourist police were called ( Tel: 08 2 6545 in Flamingo ) reports and from the machete attack.
They said they have just no-one in the area, and one should contact the police in Nicoya.
The Criminal Investigation Department ( OIJ ) in Nicoya ( Tel: 2685 53 28 ) said one should call the delegation of the police in Samara.
The delegation of the police in Samara ( Tel: 2656 04 36) said that they have just not have a car to come and also the reference to an armed robbery resulted in no action.

Language problems and irritations
In the evening, then drove the robbed man of the delegation of the police in Samara to lodge a complaint. No one in the delegation speaks English.

A protocol was created and had to be signed by the tourists. A copy was inside refused to demand. Instead, they are intended to Criminal Investigation ( OIJ ) in Nicoya drive to make the information. Here then a copy of the recorded display is delivered.



End of part 1 where is the police

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