Costa Ricas popularity as a holiday destination continues rising

More tourists, more work, more money

The hotels in Costa Rica are pleased. More and more tourists come to the environmental paradise and enthuse about Costa Rica. The money as an result is urgently needed because here, as everywhere, the living costs such as taxes and prices keep on increasing.


According to Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) more visitors

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) Costa Rica is looking forward to the arrival of about 2.5 million tourists this year, which is an increase of 5 % compared to 2013.

Besides the tourists are spending more and more money. The expenditure of foreign tourists in Costa Rica grew about 5.8 % in 2014 and reached a total of ¢ 1.3181 million.


The preferences change

Especially the sun province of Guanacaste has many visitors and the request for an individual Costa Rica Hotel is obvious. The people are looking for isolated natural beaches. Either you know one or you just discover it yourself in a long and extensive walk.

Also the adventure tours have changed slightly. Natural attractions, which Costa Rica has lots to offer, instead of crowded places are in great demand. Only very few people know them. On the internet or in guidebooks they are rarely mentioned. Which involves that they remain  a true insiders tip.


Rainy season in Guanacaste unjustly with fewer visitors

The season is not over yet. Easter (Semana Santos) is lying ahead. Which is a really beautiful time in Costa Rica Guanacaste, with an average hour rain during the day engenders lively nature and a lot of animals.


Google Search Hotel Costa Rica

Due to the monitoring revelations some users of Google have switched to other platforms, such as StartPage. Which neither stores your IP address nor records your search queries or tracks your cookies. Strangely enough your query also comes to different results, for example if you are looking for a Costa Rica hotel or an adventure tour .


Summary :

Costa Rica hotels are gaining popularity and slowly increase the number of visitors. But surely mass tourism still is far afield.

Travel Hotel Costa Rica Pacific side



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