Costa Rica Hotel Pura Vida

My stay at Hotel Costa Rica Samara on the Pacific sand beach starts interesting and relax.

The day begins with bright sun and a cloudless sky.
On the covered porch of the restaurant area you can have cereal with fresh exotic fruits, besides fresh coffee.
While this day is about to begin it is accompanied by music of nature. Various Birds sing in alternation. From time to time you hear the sound of a monkey. During the breakfast nature is just in front of you. Looking above the edge of your cereal bowl you see what Costa Rica has to

offer. What a pleasant way to start the day.Image
After waking up gently explore the area. Even the car drive to the next village is an adventure. Hills, rocks and crossing rivers. Currently the access roads are being straightened by construction workers. People are greeting each other friendly: ” Pura vida ” is the slogan: Pure Life / Going well.
Not just paying attention to the road, pura vida is everywhere you put your eye on: The great diversity of plants and animals. Colorful blossoms and butterflies along the way.

End Part 1

More information about the Hotel Costa Rica in a presentation in slideshare.

And the Website about the Hotel Costa Rica Samara 


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