Nicaragua is fighting against dengue

Managua. AFP. nov.2013

A 17- year-old died in Nicaragua because of the dengue epidemic. There are already 20 dead, and most cases are children and adolescents. There are already 6,863 infected, of which 37 are heavy , including a pregnant woman , the spokeswoman said the government Rosario Murillo.

The victim, Daisy Escoto Urbina, died in a public hospital in the capital , after 8 days with high fever , heart and lung complications , Murillo said.

“Unfortunately we lost against dengue fever” and pneumonia due to the disease, said the wife of President Daniel Ortega, who is at the forefront of the campaign against the epidemic.

 The dengue virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti

“We will continue this fight (dengue) with all our strength,” Murillo said, since most Nicaraguans common disease transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes multiply in races and in standing water.

Nicaragua recognizes so far this year , 6,863 confirmed cases of dengue, of which 18 died and 1,650 are hospitalized , 37 of them in serious condition , according to a second report in the afternoon.

Among the five critically ill patient is a pregnant woman in the city Juigalpa (to the east ) and two in the city of Rivas ( in the south) , Murillo said, and further that this week more than 1,000 new cases and three deaths have been recorded in Nicaragua .

Activities of the Ministry of Health

Officials of the Ministry of Health say that in November, when the rainy season ends, we almost always have ” the highest curve ” on dengue incidence . Health Brigades spray against mosquito throughout the country.              

 So far, 865,000 houses were sprayed, and were cast 1.4 million containers and 2.3 million lethal mosquito breeding sites were removed, the report said.


Costa Rica had a few months ago, many dengue cases.  As of 9 November, Health recorded 46,779 patients, the largest amount since 2005.

 But now the situation has greatly improved.

In Guanacaste the summer has come and the dengue cases go down. It’s time to make a vacation in the tropics paradise.

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