Health authority reports : less dengue cases.

Dengue virus in children
More than 5,300 children (which represents 20 % of the total number of patients)
infected so far in 2013 in Costa Rica with the dengue virus – most are 10-14 years old. Even at the present time which is more than in the entire previous year.

Up to now, 41,510 people this year with the virus of the mosquito ” Aedes aegypti ” infected, this is the worst dengue epidemic , since it is the are dengue fever in Costa Rica. (On 21 September),
Children are more susceptible to complications of the disease . The ones most are concerned , are 10 to 14 years young (1,781 patients). Then come the little ones 0-4 years , followed by children 5-9 years, said Jose Luis Garces , Health Surveillance , Ministry of Health.

Other infections are expected
Health officials expect the upcoming rainfall in the current rainy season an even further increase .

The average number of Dengue fever patients this year is 10 to 15 children per day and leads to two or three weeks in the hospital .
Children are particularly vulnerable by Maria Luisa Avila , director of infectious station of ” Hospital Nacional de Niños ” there are three worrisome features in children and dengue : “Many mothers who have the virus during pregnancy can Antibodies can pass on to their children after birth and severe Dengue develop . ” The second concern is that dengue is innate, because the mother has been infected with the virus during pregnancy.
The third , though smaller , is that the child via breast milk infects .

Alarmingly high number of unreported
The real number of dengue patients in children is lower than in Adults. For every ill , registered child between four and five infected are added – for the adults, there are ten per hundred.



But 90 % of the normal running case are harmless and most patients are fit again after a few days .

The authorities also report fewer dengue cases.
In the first week of October, 1,068 new patients were reported. In the second Week of August , there were 2,354 new patients.

So, no reason not to travel to this beautiful country .


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