Puzzling dolphin deaths on the East Coast of the USA

From the Costa Rica Hotellodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo we have already undertaken several times an excursion by a boat and have observed these interesting animals on the sea in free nature. Now became reported on the US-Atlantic coast since beginning of June over and over again hundreds of dead dolphins are washed ashore.


Animal welfarist and US-environmental authority in worry

Hundreds of dolphins die with a mysterious frequency currently on the shores of New Jersey to Virginia. In August, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registered more than 80 dead animals since the beginning of July, so there are about 120 stranded dolphins.

Infection of animals is the most likely option

Since the dolphins are stranded emaciated and with lung injury, researchers suspect an infection of the stranded animals. But there is no evidence that a possible disease of the animals could be dangerous for humans. But they should keep any distance from the moribund and dead animals.

Even now, three times more dead dolphins as usual in one year

Normally about 100 dolphins are stranded an the east coast are counted per year, but already in August, the number is about 300 dead animals. “All age groups are affected and sometimes even washed up dead animals, but mostly dead, some of them already badly decomposed,” said the for the protection of the oceans esponsibile NOAA.

Who wants to make a Delfintur with Costa Rica Hotellodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo gets the information in the link. more Costa Rica blog Informationen and news (german), cool leben am Meer.

Delphinus delphis


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