Water scarcity in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

After an unusually dry rainy season, which is now coming into the hottest and driest months of summer, many communities are forced to regularly ration water by cutting it off. This isespecially true especially in communities that already had problems with inadequate water supplies in the past.

Water only in segments available in El Torito

The city of El Torito in Samara, for example, has been divided into three sections since February and for each section, the water is only available in a given time segment. From 5.00 to 1.00 pm it goes to the section south of the beach, from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm to the section east of the square and downtown and from 05.00pm to 05.00am, the northern sector has the  chance to use and store water. Yet even with this limited schedule the President of El Torito water authority Maylin Rojas Ruiz said: “There are only drops coming. We do not have enough storage.”

Earthquake as the cause for the deterioration of conditions

The problems of the city have become even more serious after the earthquake of the 5th September, because during the earthquake the well has fallen by fifteen feet. Since the well contains so little water, it yet added technical problems: “Because the pump could not suck water, it is almost burned us,” says the President.Now the ASADA turns for help to the Mixed Institute of Social Assistance (IMAS) to buy a piece of land on which a new well can be dug.

Water scarcity is also felt in Buena Vista Samara: the passage of the river of Buena Vista to Samara is dry for the first time in years.

dry river

Meanwhile, it has been raining and further rain, the situation will improve.

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