BBC sells Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet guidebook had been going downhill for a while. The classic choice for travelers lost in popularity. Now the guidebook was sold.

In the early seventies the Australians Tony and Maureen Wheeler sat together in their kitchen in Melbourne and wrote a book about their own travel experiences that they cold “Across Asia on the Cheap.” This book marks the beginning of the travel book series “Lonely Planet”, a tour guide who has attained a cult status today.

Especially in young backpackers it is very popular, who search adventures off the beaten tourist track and want to burden their wallets as little as possible. Until now, some 120 million books were printed in eleven languages. Many of the books were published in German.

But it seems the popularity of the Lonely Planet has subsided a bit in recent years, because the BBC is selling the legendary travel publisher Lonely Planet, thus making a large financial loss. The publisher is given for 51.5 million pounds (60.1 million euros) to the U.S. media group NC2 media, as BBC Worldwide announced. So the company pays about 60 percent less than the British paid in total for the purchases of 2007 and 2011.

The said reason for the sale is that the travel publisher no longer fits into the strategy of the BBC. Overall, the BBC makes a loss of 80 million pounds (93 million euros) with this deal.

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