Library opened in Nicoya

The citizens of Nicoya and surrounding got a new chance to study and research as well as the opportunity to read Spanish literature. The library is on the latest technology – hopefully next year.

Last Thursday, 15 November in Nicoya a new library, which is located near the offices of the Municipalidad was inaugurated. Dozens came to attend the program: music performances and readings where held, food and drinks offered. The library is seen as a huge opportunity for the city, it should be a place where children, teens and adults can learn and where they have access to the latest technologies. The plan is to install free Wi-Fi and to offer research material as well as the supply of books and much more.
The Felipe Diaz Vidaurre library is expected to be completely installed in June next year.

The library is located near to the Casa de la Cultura Nicoya. The Casa is a place where local artists can exhibit their pieces of art. The Casa was opened on May 25th this year and also hosts the Sinem Music School (Escuela de la Música Sinem Nicoya). What is pointed out very often is how important cultural centers are for any city.

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