New traffic law comes into force tomorrow

The Ley de Tránsito, the new traffic law in Costa Rica will enter into force tomorrow.
There are some changes and controls can be expected more frequently, so here some information for car drivers:

Phoning while driving
280,000 colones fine for making calls while driving without a hands-free device.

Speed ​​limit
If the speed limit is exceed by more than 20 km/h 47,000 colones penalty have to be paid. If driving faster, the sum increases. If you are caught, regardless of the speed limit when driving 120 -150 km/h, a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years is possible.

Unpaid traffic tickets
Information for tourists: It is aimed to a closer communication between the national road service COSEVI (Consejo de Seguridad Vial) and the border authorities. Consequently, one will not be able to leave the country having any outstanding fines.

Driving alcoholised
The maximum alcohol level for driving is 0.5 per mille, 280.000 colones fine have to be paid in case of violation. If the blood alcohol concentration is higher than 0.75 per mille a prison sentence of 1-3 is possible, as well.

Furthermore, prospectively stronger avenged will be reckless driving, illegal overtaking, impeding the other lane, jumping a red light, running over a stop sign, using an invalid car sign, the non-use of a child seat for children under 12, disrespecting the right of way, not wearing reflective clothes and listening to loud music close to schools, hospitals and churches.

The point system is changed, too: now there are only negative points, having no violations one has zero points, violations will be added to it.
By February next year, cameras on some major roads will be installed again. Furthermore, the new Ley de Tráfico prohibits the sale of goods, performances and begging on the roads.
How can you imagine that? A beggar coming to a car and begging for money, the police would come and he has to pay a fine, is arrested eventually?

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