Passport renewal at the German Embassy in San José, Costa Rica (Part 1)

In the Swiss Embassy in San José, Costa Rica

My buddy Mark had to go to the Swiss embassy for a passport renewal a month ago. I took the chance and went with him to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. When we arrived in San Jose, we asked a policeman where the Swiss Embassy was. Directly on the Paseo Colón, he said. Mark disappeared into the embassy and about half an hour later he came out again. All done, I asked and he replied that everything was done. Well, that was fast!

At the German embassy
So we made our way to the German embassy which was indeed not far away to the Boulevard Rohrmoser. I know that area because I got my dog Benny,a Golden Retriever, from the former president Oscar Arias, who has a house there. At the entrance you had to identify yourself and deposit an official document such as a driver´s license. We then entered the elevator heading to the 8th floor. For someone who lives in Costa Rica by the sea an unusual experience. We were welcomed by a man with a beard, which we then, because of his fanciful resemblance, affectionately called Santa Claus. He asked me whether I had an appointment and I wondered whether I needed one as it did not look very crowded. He asked me how he could help me and I told him I needed a new passport showing him my old one whick was already filled out in Costa Rica. He told me I needed a birth certificate. I replied that as my last passport was issued here all needed document must still be at their office. He told me that I still have to hand in a passport photo and a birth certificate. Ok, as you do not have to understand everything in life, I will just go visit him again, this time with my birth certificate.

Back at the Embassy

Looking through my papers I found my birth certificate and decided two weeks later to visit the German Embassy again. Even with a fast car it is a 4 hours drive each way, so I made an appointment for 9 am. It turned out that was still too early because I had to take new passport pictures before my appointment, as well. In the center of San Jose, I found a great photoshop opening at 8:30 am, after all. Ten minutes before 9, the images were ready and I went to the embassy. It was 9:10 when I finally entered. I went in and wished everybody a pleasant morning. Santa Claus was not in sight, but therefor some more alternativly dressed young girls. Acctually, a nice thing. I told them about my appointment and they replied that it was at 9:00 am, and that it now already is 9:10 am. Shall I go back for a ten hours drive back and forth because of the photo shop just opening at 8:30am, I wanted to know. They answered yes, but I could as well sit down and wait, they may have time for me later. Well, I was not in the army but I already knew that from school …

soon: In Part 2, Nevertheless, I finally got my passport.

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