Extension of my Cedula Residencia at the Immigration Office in Costa Rica

Immigration Office, Costa Rica, San Jose

Many People waiting at the Immigration Office, Costa Rica, San Jose

I almost forgot the extension of my cedular
Suddenly I thought of my license and my residence permit. Until this point it was still valid, and hopefully not yet expired. Nervously, I looked for it and hallelujah, it indeed was not yet expired.

At the Immigration Office Nicoya
The next day I went to the migration centre of Nicoya. There was just a woman around cleaning the floor. I told her that I would like to extend my residence permit. She kindly told me to wait a moment. She picked up her phone and called someone and said something like “Herbert, can you come around for a moment, there is a gringo who wants to extend his Residencia. Then she hung up and told me that her colleague would come.
The friendly fellow came and I gave him my documents. He told me everything looked fine and that the Residencia just runs out in another month. He phoned the centre on migration in Liberia and told me that as the photographer´s camera does not work I do have 2 options. The first is to go to San Jose and extend there or go to to Liberia to get the application and then come back again because of the passport photos. Well, Liberia is way better for me. Only by trying to reach the migration center in San Jose by phone I got 100 stress points.

At the Immigration Office Liberia
So I drove to the center on migrate in Liberia and when I went in there maybe 15 people were waiting. I handed over my documents and half an hour later I had my extension without any problems. But I still had to come back because of the passport photos. I wondered how long it would finally take, but they did not know. They told me I would be given a call in 2 weeks. According to my experience, I calculated the double.

I get my new Cedula de Residencia
After 4 weeks, I phoned them again and was told that I could pass in a week. A week later I called again and could actually pick up my new residence card (Cedula de Residencia). I went back there to wait another hour in Liberia. The passport photos were taken and a week later I got my new Cedula de Residencia. Another 5 years being left alone.

All in all, the whole thing was easy and successful.
In the coming days I will go visit the German embassy in San Jose. Let’s see if everything there is working that simple, as well.

Stay in Costa Rica
Costa Rica does not see itself as an country of immigration. As an EU citizen you can stay 90 days visa-free as a tourist in the country. Since March 2010, the tourist visa can be extended for another 90 days (cost $ 100).

Who wants to stay longer in the country, or wants to really live in Costa Rica should apply for a residence permit. There are several reasons for a valid application. In general, this task is handled by a lawyer and usually there are no problems for European citizens. I even had a residence permit to be approved for a small agency. I have now lived in Costa Rica for 20 years and feel very comfortable.

Who wants to get more information about Costa Rica, plans a trip or a new life should have a look at Costa Rican Hotel. Costa Rica Hotel vacation pure.

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