My experiences with the traffic police, Trafico Cañas Costa Rica

or: how a strange traffic policeman helped me to a new guitar. (Part 3)

So I had to wait at the police authority CONAVI and used the time in the centre of Liberia. Went to a music business and said: What do you have then there in the window for a nice guitar? Here ordinarily there is only  bullshit…..

Between music store and Police Station

The boys had to laugh and said to me, this the guitar of a Gringo. Is offered, namely for 5000$, which are really favorable. It concerned an old 12 strings Rickenbacker guitar. Has the Gringo still other things to sale? And they answered yes also a Fender Stratocaster USA. from 1977. What should cost then the Fender Stratocaste, I asked. Also 5000$ was the answer. OK; can i try the Guitar out, I asked and they pointed to on amplifier Fender Twinn Reverb, original from 1965. I connected the guitar with the amplifier and it cam a tone originated itself one thinks of the moon is crying. To me became rotten because now already I knew this guitar will probably bay. I said the shop assistant, I will think about it and come back.

I went back to the police authority CONAVI outside of Liberia to pick up my license plates. When I came to it, the lawyer told me that the traffic police in Canas have not yet sent the signs. That means I must come back again. She gave me a phone number of the traffic police in Canas and they said I should call there. I asked her to call there and ask yourself. They called and told me the next morning to get the signs. What means I have to come back another day. You can not say in this moment I was just happy.
For the tourist group it wanted to use the car organised we 2 days of tour in the volcano Rincon de la Vieja in hope we then our number plates retrieved and with our police car we can continue go to see Costa Rica.
I called carefully the next morning at the traffic police in Canas and asked whether the number plates to the police authority CONAVI were sent. The policeman said: no the number plates are here, and asked, when was this then? I said the Day before yesterday. The day before yesterday he said, now oh, in such a way, then we send them. I still waited for the day and the next morning asked for at 9 am once more I called. The policeman now on the phone was said here still lie your number plates. I said, nevertheless, you know to her must send, should I instruct a lawyer? No, no he said I can count on it the signs immediately go out. One hour later I called over again and one said me them now they have sent to Liberia CONAVI. So I could come along again on the way to fetch to Liberia around the number plates.

I get back my license plates and buy the guitar

When I arrive Liberia CONAVI Police Office it was midday again and one said to me that after the lunch I get my signs again.
So I went again for the music business in the centre and said to the shop assistant I like to speak to the Gringo there the guitar sold. We have no phone number and no address. We turned over in the mind pure confusion until to somebody this mentioned his brother with the Gringo music makes together. There he had been able to get on already before. At last I had the Gringo on the telephone and he says this is quite a special guitar. There is master build, and only one guitar of it in the world. Built for quite a famous rock group. So famous which he did not know the names. The Gringo seemed to me to be a little clammy so I made to him an offer for the guitar and strengthening together and after long ones to and fro he agreed. I packed both things into my car and went again to the police authority CONAVI.
Here I waited one hour, got to know the nice police officer Adolf who waits for his Pension.
The lawyer of the police came and said shoulder-twitching: here only just your number plates have come. I signed and, finally, had my number plates again, thus the group her trip could continue. Halleluiah.


Get on the one hand a lot of anger, on the other hand, a nice new old guitar. My lawyer said, I should indicate the policeman because of exploitation of his authority. Well, I am no revengeful person and have to visit also no goat some court. on the other hand I have come in this way to an unusual guitar. Others meant I should send a letter of thanks, because of the guitar to the policeman. This understands the policeman? I have my doubt.
The whole action of the police in Canas was not exactly promoting of tourism in Costa Rica, and I am gladly the affected colleagues too much understanding had.

Just we have a web page which could interest people, who come to Costa Rica and start a new life: Adventure Costa Rica, Immigrating, living and investing in Costa Rica

Who is interested in music in Costa Rica, here it goes to the music hotel of Costa Rica



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