My experiences with the traffic police, Trafico Cañas Costa Rica

or: how a strange traffic policeman helped me to a new guitar. (Part 2)

At the authority CONAVI in Liberia

When I at the responsible police authority in Liberia came it was almost already 11 o’clock. The specialists go forward here according to her rules. The form with the documents to be attached is called “Requisitos para la Devolucion de Placas”. They had ordered my friend Stephan already to a lawyer with it he a document signs in him stands: I Stefan, that some friends through Costa Rica drive confirmed herewith I am not a taxi – pirate. (The document we have hier). This is strange already a little bit, because, actually, Stephan wanted to show only a pair of friends, under it of strange manner, German policemen in the retirement, Costa Rica.

I went to the office asked whether I a person responsible or a lawyer of the authority CONAVI can speak. And there came a lawyer and I asked them whether she knows why the police in Canas my number plates put up  and me gave a punishment of 360,600 Colones, (at least about 770 $ US), although all papers in order, the carriage has gone just without objection about the safety standards authority and in excellent constitution. She controlled the papers and consulted with her lawyer’s colleagues and said, finally: we also do not know this. They asked me whether I also a driving licence has, and I showed my just renewed driving licences. She said you also do not understand, I need by no means the punishment pay, and I would retrieve the number plates. Indeed, I must wait, because still some people are before me in it. They were very clear, helpful and could understand my situation. There were people who was without insured and driving licence and without that of the carriages by the traffic police were stopped. OK, in these cases one can already understand the police the number plates guarantees. But in my case?

Again buy a new old guitar?

Meanwhile everybody went for the lunch and I decided to use the time to go in the centre to Liberia. Here I went past to a music business and saw an unusual guitar. I went to the business known to me and said: What do you have then there in the window for a nice guitar? Here ordinarily i see is only bullshit…

Soon it goes further with part 3, i became my number plates back and also a new guitar.

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