My experiences with the traffic police, Trafico Cañas Costa Rica

or: how a strange traffic policeman helped me to get a new guitar.

a lot of motorcycles in the conavi-liberia-costa rica
I had lent a good friend, Stephan, Costa Rica expert, my Mercedes coach with it he can drive with his friends through Costa Rica and to them the country points. They had already travelled one week by this marvellous nature and lead from the north coming to the volcano Rincon de la vieja, close Liberia.
When they by the place Canas came they were stopped by the traffic police.

Inspector Rodrigez C. and Miguel checked the vehicle and the papers.
With the vehicle it concerns a police car of the German police.
First he did not say the vehicle properly would be insured. Then he said the assurance is OK, but the papers of the driver were not enough and he will remove the number plates. One can fetch this after payment of a punishment, in this case, 360,600 Colones in the next morning in Liberia again.
Stephan called me later from a hotel in La Cruz and told me the situation. He said, it must go on anyhow and my people want to see Costa Rica.
Then he is ostensible, after the police the signs had still removed without signs up to the hotel driven and probably still in another police control come. Here everything was in order and it did not seem to disturb the car no number plates had. So Stephan said on the phone then he will go on the next day to Liberia to get the number plates again from the police station CONAVI.
Then he also called in the morning and said me only the owner of the vehicle is authorised the number plates to receive. I should exhibit to the lawyer and an authorisation (Poder espezial) for him. I said this everything is complicated and time-consuming. Remain sometimes there I get there. So I went about 2.5 hours to the responsible police authority CONAVI to Liberia…

We had already driven several times friends through the country, on til now without problems.
Curiously some of the Tourist are German police officers in retirement.

To be continued, and how I came then, in the end, again to the number plates, and to a new guitar…

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