Driving licence lengthening with Banco de Costa Rica

Mopt in LiberiaRenovation de la licencia en banco de Costa Rica

In the property market in the gasoline station in Samara I met a men of the Banco de Costa Rica. Thick car, big person, good suit with tie and friendly. I asked him whether it is to be extended possibly in Banco de Costa Rica the driving licence and showed him mean.
He said this is no problem, and I need only one analysis of my blood group and mine bring cedular residencia and pay the fee. Indeed, only this is Banco de Costa Rica in Santa Cruz possible.
Some days later I went to Santa Cruz to the bank around the driving licence lengthening to manage. I parked my Toyota Hilux compared with the bank and went in. After the usual excrement role came directly an industrious cashier and asked what I would like to do.
I said him the renovation de la licencia en banco de Costa Rica. He disappeared with my documents, came again after 2 minutes and told me that the driving licence lengthening in the bank only for Costa Ricans is possible. So the trip was free of charge, but, at least, I could pay the fee.
When I came out of the bank, I discovered to my car that someone had tried to come inside. The door lock was damaged. In the centre of Santa Cruz one had however got to get open the car and to pinch the cap from the radio. Can one say me sometimes what with the caps make? Nevertheless, they are worth nothing, or? In any case, the street shop assistant and man with the crutches were very suspicious to me.
Then some days later I went to Liberia to mopt around the driving licence lengthening to carry out. Responsible has young One said friendly I still a medical investigation needs. One can make this on the other side of the street. So I made the ocular test. She said in the board on the wall, in the third row below, the fourth letter is this? I said on which wall? We laughed and I got a positive certificate. With it I went again to the young One from mopt and him gave me after photo make and signing my new driving licences. All that within half an hour. Very good. I take my hat off.
The coming trip goes to the migration because of my lengthening of the Cedula de Residencia.
The people are very obliging there, indeed, there does not function for some time the camera and I should probably be patient about one month. I will report.
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